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Celebrate the 4th with free fireworks!

Macey’s Anywhere wants to help make your 4th of July awesome with delicious food and FREE fireworks! Spend $150 now through Saturday, July 1 to receive a free fireworks bundle with your order using promo code FIREWORKS. Grab everything you need online to feed your friends and family and make this 4th of July the best yet!

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Have your groceries delivered on Monday, April 3

It may be April Fools but this is not a joke, have your groceries delivered on Monday, April 3! If you live in Pleasant Grove or Sandy, place your order by 6:00 p.m. Sunday for delivery on Monday. Start shopping now www.rosieapp.com

Reason #1 to use Macey’s Anywhere


Reason #1 to use Macey’s Anywhere: Our guests LOVE it! 

We’ve heard from so many of our guests that Macey’s Anywhere has changed their life! It has simplified their grocery shopping experience, allowing them more time for more important things. Don’t you want to know what all the hype is about?

To sum it up, below are the 8 reasons you should try Macey’s Anywhere:

  1. Our guests LOVE it.
  2. We love grocery shopping!
  3. Avoid the weather.
  4. It’s Fast and Easy.
  5. Everyone stays in their seat belts.
  6. Helps you stay on budget.
  7. Saves you time.
  8. We stand by our products.
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Reason #2 to use Macey’s Anywhere


Reason #2 to use Macey’s Anywhere: We LOVE grocery shopping!

OK, we know grocery shopping might not be on the list of your favorite things to do. It’s a necessary task and there aren’t a lot of ways around it. The great news is, we love it! We actually can’t get enough of it! We love picking out the best produce, checking all of the items off your list, bringing you surprises and seeing the smile on your face when you know you don’t even have to go inside the store.

Macey’s Anywhere is the best way to do your shopping, especially if it’s a task that you don’t look forward to doing.

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Reason #3 to use Macey’s Anywhere


Reason #3 to use Macey’s Anywhere: Avoid the weather!

Running errands in bad weather can be a daunting task but luckily, Macey’s Anywhere has a solution for you.

OK, so you still have to drive to the store but, you don’t have to get out of your car! Stay toasty warm in your car while we battle the elements to bring out your groceries. No more snowy cart wheels, zipping up your coat or grabbing your umbrella, simply relax and we’ll be right out. We even have a designated parking stall waiting for you when you arrive.

Save $3 off a $30 order using code STAYWARM valid until 12/17/16.


Reason #4 to use Macey’s Anywhere


Reason #4 to use Macey’s Anywhere: It really is fast and easy! 

There are a lot of things in life that are complicated, are we right? Well, grocery shopping doesn’t have to be now that Macey’s Anywhere exists. Do you dream of the days where someone will help you with some of your errands, including grocery shopping?

Macey’s Anywhere will bring tears to your eyes; it’s that easy! Shop when you want, how you want and pickup at a time that fits within your schedule. You can even show up in your pajamas, we promise we won’t judge!

Shop, Stop, Pop and Go.

  1. Shop for groceries using the app or visit rosieapp.com. 
  2. Stop in the designated parking stalls.
  3. Pop your trunk.
  4. Go on your way.
It really is that FAST and EASY!
Our guests love it! Find out more here 

Reason #5 to use Macey’s Anywhere


Reason #5 to use Macey’s Anywhere: Everyone stays in their seat belts

Although you love your little one, sometimes shopping with them can be challenging. With Macey’s Anywhere online grocery shopping, you can leave them in their seat belt, resting peacefully without even taking them out of the car.

Skip the stroller, diaper bag and disturbing the sleeping child by letting us do your grocery shopping for you. Order online and park in one of the designated parking stalls. Call or text the number on the sign and then, RELAX! We’ll bring your groceries right out to you.

Just follow the steps below for a shopping experience you will actually enjoy.

  1. Log into rosieapp.com. 
  2. Add items to your cart or as you go.
  3. Watch the subtotal on the right hand side to keep track of your budget.
  4. Choose a pickup time.
  5. Checkout.
  6. Park in the designated parking stall and we will load your groceries into your trunk.

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Reason #6 to use Macey’s Anywhere


Reason #6 to use Macey’s Anywhere: Keeping you on budget

Budgets are important and we understand that. We know that you only have a certain amount of money to feed yourself and your family and often times, there is no negotiating. The great news is, Macey’s Anywhere can help!

As you add items to your cart, you can follow the subtotal of your groceries on the right hand side, pretty cool right? This makes it really easy to know exactly where you’re at on your grocery spend, almost eliminating overspending. How awesome is this?

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Reason #8 to use Macey’s Anywhere







Reason #8 to use Macey’s Anywhere:
We stand by our products
Have you wanted to try Macey’s Anywhere but you’re worried about someone else picking your fresh items? No need to worry! Our personal shoppers shop for your groceries like they would themselves. You can rest easy that they will:

  • Pick the ABSOLUTE BEST produce available.
  • Choose the FRESHEST cuts of meat.
  • Select the most DELICIOUS looking baked goods and bread.
  • Monitor expiration dates.

Start your worry-free shopping now! 
Learn more about our Fresh Promise here 
If for any reason you are not satisfied with the selection of items that you receive, please contact us at anywhere@maceys.com and we will get it resolved immediately.

Earn Perks points with Macey’s Anywhere

Macey’s Perks® with Macey’s Anywhere™

Did you know that you can earn Macey’s Perks points when shopping online with Macey’s Anywhere? To add your Macey’s Perks® phone number to your Macey’s Anywhere™ (Rosie) online shopping account, follow the steps indicated below.

Step 1: Log into your Macey’s Anywhere™ account.

Step 2: Click My Account in the top right corner.


Step 3: Select My Wallet


Step 4: If you are already a Macey’s Perks® member select Add A Card.


Step 5: Enter your Macey’s Perks® phone number and select Submit. Note: If you are not currently a Macey’s Perks® member, you can sign up by selecting the Create a card tab.


Your Macey’s Perks® account has now been added to your Macey’s Anywhere™ account and you are ready to start shopping. You will earn points and other rewards for your Macey’s anywhere orders, just like you would in-store. Watch for your coupons and rewards discounts to be deducted during step three of checkout.

Please note: wallet credit cannot currently be used through Macey’s Anywhere™. To use your wallet credits, please shop in-store. We are working on adding this feature, please stay tuned for details.