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Macey’s Pharmacy Clinical Services

Select Macey’s pharmacies now offer low-cost, consultation and prescriptive treatment for urinary tract infections (UTI), yeast infections and cold sores.

Available at the following locations:

  • Lehi
  • Provo
  • Providence
  • West Jordan
  • Draper
  • Murray
  • Logan
  • Tooele

Urinary Tract Infection Treatment

If you think you might have a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), come visit any of our convenient Macey’s pharmacy locations listed above. Juggling a busy schedule is hard enough without trying to find time to visit a clinic, so skip the trip to the clinic by visiting select Macey’s pharmacies for evaluation and necessary treatment, no appointment needed.

Check for Symptoms

Although not usually serious, UTIs should be treated quickly. 
The symptoms below are some of the most common signs of a possible UTI:

  • Burning or pain while urinating
  • Frequent urge to visit the bathroom
  • Lower back or abdomen pain
  • You feel tired or shaky
  • Your urine color is abnormal

If so… skip the doctor and visit one of our pharmacies.

Yeast Infection Treatment

Yeast infections are common in women, at least 3 out of 4 women will experience a yeast infection in their lifetime. Although yeast infections are common and usually not serious, they can cause great discomfort. Visit select Macey’s pharmacies for a single-dose prescriptive treatment, no appointment needed.

Check for Symptoms

Most women display at least one of the following symptoms:

  • Vaginal itching
  • Abnormal and unpleasant discharge and odor
  • Pain when urinating
  • Vaginal redness and swelling

Cold Sore Treatment

Time is of the essence when it comes to cold sores. You feel the tingling, followed by burning around the edge of your lip or corner of your mouth. Then a painful and contagious red sore appears. You need to get treatment quick to help stop the outbreak. Now available at select Macey’s pharmacies, you can receive prescriptive treatment, with no appointment.

Check for Symptoms

  • Tingling and itching near the mouth
  • Painful and red sores typically near the mouth
  • Swollen and sensitive gums

What causes an outbreak?

  • Stress
  • Colds or other illness
  • Over exposure to sun

During your visit

Our pharmacies accept walk-ins and have extended business hours to help you get in and out quickly.

  1. You will be asked to fill out a brief questionnaire.
  2. Our knowledgeable pharmacist will provide a short consultation where you will review your medical history and discuss your symptoms.
  3. Our pharmacist will provide you with a personal treatment plan and care instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our pharmacies accept walk-ins and have extended business hours to help you get in and out quickly.

  1. Who can take advantage of treatment for urinary tract infections and yeast infections?
    1. This service is available to women over the age of 18. If you are pregnant, please schedule an appointment with your doctor.
  2. Who can take advantage of treatment for cold sores?
    1. Available to patients age 12 and older.
  3. What is the cost of the consultation?
    1. There is a low-cost fee, not covered by insurance but eligible for HSA. If you are dispensed medication, you can choose to bill your insurance for the medication.
  4. How long does the consultation take?
    1. On average, the consultation takes LESS than 20 minutes. Please allow time for proper evaluation and treatment.

Macey’s Draper Grand Opening


Produce: The new Macey’s Draper has an expanded produce department featuring a wide assortment of locally grown fruits and veggies, organic produce options and specialty produce. We also help save you time with our fresh cut fruit and fresh squeezed juices!


Bakery: A newly revamped bakery featuring Macey’s famous doughnuts and artisan breads, fresh-made cookies, peanut butter bars and more. The bakery in town for ordering specialty  cakes for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and more!


SPICES: Macey’s has just introduced a new line of branded spices! You’ll love the quality, assortment and the price.

SHOP YOUR WAY:  Delivery with Shipt, Curbside pick-up with Macey’s Anywhere, and Skip mobile checkout gives you more ways than ever to make your shopping trip even easier. Learn more here!

PERKS: When you’re a Perk’s member, you’re shopping the best way possible at Macey’s! Don’t miss out on earning Perks Points for free groceries, exclusive offers, free ice cream for your birthday, and hundreds of coupons each month for additional savings.

We hope to see you in-store! Happy Shopping!

Welcome Macey’s Draper!

Welcome Macey’s to the Draper area! There are many new offerings at Macey’s Draper including Kong Kones, fresh doughnuts, and Macey’s Chips. Not to mention, you can always expect excellent service and a happy wallet with additional savings on the items you buy most.


At Macey’s you can always expect excellent service and a happy wallet with additional savings on the items you buy most.

Something for Everyone

We’ve added a variety of new products and services to almost every department. All of your favorite products, plus a wide variety of Macey’s favorites including Macey’s Chips and Kong Kones, are available in our store.

Macey’s Perks Rewards

If you are currently a LoyalBee Rewards member, your account will automatically be converted into a Macey’s Perks rewards account to continue receiving additional savings. With Macey’s Perks, you will receive emails with special offers and weekly ads, download digital coupons, view exclusive offers, see your complete shopping history, and track your points towards in-store credit. To learn more, click here.

Shop Your Way

You can shop at Macey’s from the comfort of your home, or on the go. Pick a time to swing by the store, and get your groceries. It’s simple!


We are grateful to our community for continuing to support us and enabling us to serve them. This store wouldn’t be possible without our incredible team members. They are committed to helping our guests and providing the best service around. The store could not run without them.


Macey’s Donates Nearly $27,000 to Primary Children’s Hospital

Macey’s Donates Nearly $27,000 to Primary Children’s Hospital
Annual Caring for Kids drive wraps up with check presentation at Macey’s Tooele

 Salt Lake City, UT (July 19, 2018) Programs like music and art therapy will continue to  benefit patients at Primary Children’s Hospital thanks to generous guests at Macey’s. The Utah-based grocery stores donated $26,995.03 to the hospital as part of the annual Macey’s Caring for Kids fundraiser. The check presentation took place at Macey’s in Tooele earlier today in Tooele.

Macey’s has been a proud supporter of Primary Children’s Hospital for more than 30 years. The fundraiser took place at all 13 Macey’s locations across Utah from Logan to Spanish Fork. From June 4-30 guests were invited to make a donation of any amount during check out each time they visited a Macey’s.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to support Primary Children’s Hospital through the Macey’s Caring for Kids fundraiser. Primary Children’s Hospital continues to improve the lives of children and their families right in our communities,” said Darin Peirce, district manager for Macey’s. “Donations like this wouldn’t be possible without our guests. We appreciate their continued support.”

Macey’s has been a proud supporter of Primary Children’s Hospital for more than 30 years.


About Macey’s

In 1947, Walt Macey and Dale A. Jones started the “Save-A-Nickle-Market” in Rose Park, Utah. Macey’s grew from a small store into a multi-store chain by providing personalized old-fashioned service. Known for their famous doughnuts and Kong Kones®, Macey’s grocery stores offer an in-store bakery, delicatessen, full-service grocery, meat, produce and non-foods department and above all, friendly service. Macey’s currently operates 13 stores from Logan to Spanish Fork. For more information visit maceys.com.

Macey’s Spotlight March: Jorge Elgueta

Jorge Elgueta has served guests in the meat department at Macey’s Plesant Grove for almost 14 years. He’ll celebrate the milestone next month and looks forward to many more years of helping guests get great meat products. Jorge is currently the meat manager, but has worked almost every job in the department since starting out as a meat cutter.

“I like my job. I enjoy everything I do here,” Jorge said.

Helping guests get exactly what they need is one of Jorge’s favorite parts of his job. He’s a great example of Happy Shopping because he is continually smiling and happy to help everyone he comes across. Need help picking the best meat for dinner? Ask Jorge! He’s always very informative about the best selection of product and loves to help guests.

Serving shoppers goes beyond just providing great product. For Jorge, it means making sure there is enough of the type of meat and cuts guests want, even if he has to come back in after his shift. He recalls one night where the store was really busy and a guest wanted a certain cut. They didn’t have any left and Jorge had already left for the night. Someone called him and he came back to the store to cut the meat for the shopper.

“Jorge is an amazing team member because he goes above and beyond for not just the guests, but also the team. He’s always willing to teach and manage the business side of things,” said Amber Condie, assistant store director at Macey’s Pleasant Grove. “He’s always making sure we have everything our guests need.”

Macey’s Spotlight: Naomi Whitehorse

With experience in multiple departments, Naomi Whitehorse is always eager to help guests at Macey’s in Sandy. She currently works in the produce department, but has gotten to know guests as a cashier and in the deli over the last year and a half. No matter what department she’s working in, she has loved every minute of working at Macey’s.

“I love working at Macey’s because I get to help guests find great products,” Naomi said. “Helping people is what I’m all about.”

Interacting with store visitors and providing product suggestions is Naomi’s favorite part of her job. She is committed to helping shoppers find the items they need, promoting healthy lifestyles with excellent produce, and making their day a little better by being happy and helpful.

Interacting with guests goes beyond simply telling them where products are. Naomi says she likes to get to know the frequent guests and has built friendships with many of them. These relationships motivate her to be better at her job and help more people.

While the guests may be her favorite part of her job, she loves the Macey’s team in every department. “I’ve had a chance to get to know everyone in the store from the bakery to the front end to the grocery team. My coworkers are really fun and outgoing and that makes me enjoy my job even more.”

“Naomi has a great attitude every day! She is fantastic with guests and always gets them what they need or finds someone that can assist them so they are pleased and happy. She embodies the Happy Shopping experience and helps build morale in the store,” said Gary Carter, Naomi’s store director.

Favorite Macey’s Item: Kong Korn. “It’s a staple in my house and my mom’s house! It’s at every party and event we host because we love it so much. We’re from Arizona and we always bring it with us when we visit family there. They can’t get enough.”

Tip for Shopping at Macey’s: “Grab an ad and check for deals, download digital coupons, and never skip the Treasure Aisle.”

Macey’s Spotlight – CJ Linford

If you’ve shopped at our Spanish Fork location, you’ve probably seen CJ Linford greeting each guest with a smile. CJ is one of our front-end courtesy clerks and has been part of the Macey’s team for 13 years! He’s worked in almost every department throughout the store. He began his Macey’s career as a courtesy clerk, moved to the dairy, and joined the produce department for a bit before returning to the front-end team. Regardless of where he’s worked, CJ is always happy to help and loves talking to everyone.

Helping guests makes CJ’s day. He knows the store regulars by name and catching up with them during each visit brightens his day. He loves seeing them smile too. CJ also enjoys working with the entire Macey’s team.

“My team are my friends,” CJ said of his coworkers.

His team also considers him a good friend.

“CJ always has a positive attitude. It doesn’t matter what is happening in the store, CJ just keeps smiling,” said Bill Summers, store director at Macey’s in Spanish Fork. “He will do whatever we ask him to do. He doesn’t care if he is bagging or cleaning up a mess, he is always happy. I know that if I have a bad day, CJ will pick me up. We have CJ train our new baggers because we want his attitude to spread to all of our new team members.”

Favorite Macey’s product: Twist Kong Kones. “They taste really good!”

Tip for Shopping at Macey’s: Don’t be afraid to ask for help. The whole team wants to help you!

Macey’s Spotlight – Jill Hoppie

Jill Hoppie isn’t afraid to go the extra mile for guests. In fact, it’s one of her favorite things about working at Macey’s. She’s had plenty of experience in her five years at Macey’s on Highland Drive. Jill is currently a butcher-block supervisor and previously worked in the bakery there. She loves her team and the fun they have working together, but interacting with guests makes her day. She does her best to remember names and looks forward to seeing the regular shoppers who come in daily.

“I like going the extra mile for people. I like helping,” said Jill. “I’ve made life-long friends with some of our frequent guests. I know about their family, they know about mine. They bring me Christmas presents and always make sure to say hi when they’re in the store.”

One guest experience really stands out to Jill. The family had already finished their shopping before they remembered they needed something from the butcher block. They couldn’t wait for the item to be cut and seasoned, but really wanted it. Jill took the order and delivered it to their home shortly after. Her extra efforts made an impression on the family and now they’re good friends with Jill.

“Jill is a great part of the Macey’s on Highland Drive team,” said Alan Russell, Jill’s store director. “She’s always willing to help, is reliable, very friendly, and a great person to work with. The whole team just loves her.”

Favorite Macey’s Product: The fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.

Tip for Shopping at Macey’s: “Come in with an open mind and ready to experience all the new products and services.”

Macey’s Opens New Store in Holladay

We’re so excited to announce the opening of our newest Macey’s in Holladay just in time for the holidays! This store is different than other Macey’s with a variety of new offerings like an in-store restaurant and Starbucks along with Macey’s classics like the Kong Kone, Macey’s Anywhere online shopping, and tons of local products.

Celebrations will begin at 10 a.m. Wednesday, November 1 with our ribbon cutting ceremony. Following that, we’ll have product samples, giveaways, and more!

Saturday is the real party starting with giveaways at 6 a.m. We’ll also have a cinnamon roll walk, trivia contest, samples, and a meet and greet with Kong and his princess friends. We’ll also have great deals and of course a Kong Kone eating contest! Check out the full list of activities and times below. We can’t wait to see you there!

Macey’s is now in Holladay

We’re excited to bring Macey’s, Utah’s happiest store, to Holladay. Macey’s has served the people of Utah since 1947 and are proud of our local heritage. We’re also proud of the spirit of innovation demonstrated throughout our new store.


Macey’s offers an amazing variety of organic and local produce, fresh-made salsa and a large selection of cut fruit and veggies. All our cut fruit and veggies are cut right in our store each morning, are preservative free and perfect for quick and healthy snacks.

In-store Restaurant

The in-store restaurant is home to Macey’s signature oven-baked pizza, a wok, tasty sandwiches, wraps, fresh-rolled sushi, crisp salads and the famous Kong Kone. It’s the perfect stop when you want delicious meals made incredibly easy.


Macey’s deli provides an extensive array of delectable meats and cheeses. The store also gives you everything from quick and easy meal solutions to the finest party trays and more.


Our oven-fresh bakery offers mouth-watering bread; eye-catching, colorful, hand-decorated doughnuts and cakes and delicious, all-natural artisan bread. We also have new CinnaYum cinnamon rolls and churro doughnuts that are sure to make you smile.


You deserve the best when it comes to the meat department and that’s why Macey’s has one of the finest butcher blocks in Utah. Building on their longtime heritage of superior service and products, Macey’s meat department offers you organic, grass-fed and “free-from” meat and poultry.


Macey’s pharmacists combine expert advice with quick and friendly service to keep Macey’s shoppers healthy and happy. With drive-through convenience and a private consulting room, Macey’s gives you all you need to maintain and improve your healthy lifestyle.

Macey’s Anywhere

Sometimes your busy schedule makes grocery shopping a challenge. Macey’s Anywhere lets you shop online and schedule a convenient pick-up time. Macey’s personal shoppers do the rest. They’ll meet you at the pick-up area so you will never have to leave your car. Place your first order on November 1. Visit maceys.com/anywhere for additional information.

Skip Checkout

With the Skip Checkout app, you scan your own groceries as you shop and then bypass the traditional checkout line. After a quick audit at the Skip Lane, you are on your way. Plus, with Skip you always know what you are spending by watching your cart total add up on screen as you shop. Visit goskip.com to learn more.

To experience the progress for yourself, we encourage you to visit the store and experience the updates. If you need any help along the way, ask any Macey’s team member for assistance.

Happy Shopping®!