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Top 3 Take-Aways from Lee’s Summer Food Show

Saturday, May 19th, Lee’s Marketplace celebrated their 37th anniversary with the Annual Summer Food Show. For over 10 years Lee’s has brought new products into the spotlight, had amazing doorbusters and created an event the entire family can enjoy.

During the planning process, department directors, store directors, and department managers bring ideas to the table of new products to spotlight. These ideas are compiled, discussed, condensed and executed as the samples given at the show.

Many of Lee’s wonderful vendors donate products and give their time to showcase their new programs. This year product was generously donated by Patagonia Shrimp, Sparkling Ice, RubySnap Cookies, Lollipuff, Diablo Salsa, Gusto Brazillian Bites, Hydroponic Lettuce, Madison Marshmallows, and many other companies and suppliers. Their generous donations help to supply enough samples for the thousands of guests that join Lee’s Marketplace for their Food Shows.

After careful consideration, the demos are consolidated into new programs, items and exciting promotions for the next season.

Let’s take a look at Lee’s Summer Food Show’s top 3 takeaways.

1. GT Kombucha

Lee’s has introduced Kombucha kegerators in 4 of its 5 locations this past year. The kegerator is a popular destination in the North Salt Lake store and has been since it has been implemented. The North Ogden, Logan, and Heber kegerators were installed within this past month and are already a huge hit.

Kombucha is a healthy drink that is created by using healthy bacteria and yeast added to sugar and either green tea or black tea to create a healthy, regenerative drink.

2. Ready. Chef. Go. Grilling Bags

Freshness and quality have always been valued in Lee’s Produce departments. Because of this, all of the items in the pre-packed/prepared section are made in-store every day.

In preparation for the upcoming grilling season (Summer) Lee’s launched a new option in the line of pre-made, stress-free cooking.

In the last 6 months, Ready. Chef. Go. microwavable bags were introduced in the meat department. These revolutionized quick and easy, healthy options for the family. The concept is that these Ready. Chef. Go. bags are filled with the freshest ingredients and seasonings from Lee’s and are completely ready to go. The only thing left to do is throw it in the microwave. No dirty dishes. No prep time. Done!

The Summer Food show was the launch of the new Ready. Chef. Go. grill bags. These are filled with Lee’s fresh-cut fruits and vegetable mixes. The new grill bags are the perfect pairing for a complete grilled meal. The slower cooking process allows the flavors to simmer together creating a delicious array of food.

While grilling, it is easy to forget a veggie or side dish to complete the meal. This makes it easy. Throw it on the grill next to the burgers, steaks, chicken, you name it.

All seasonings and ingredients are already prepped and included in the grill bags. The only “prep” work left to you is firing up the grill or pre-heating the oven.

3. Food Club

Many of us grew up, raised our families, and trust Western Family for the health and nutrients of our home. And, many of you have heard the news, Lee’s, as well as all Associated Food Stores, will be transitioning over to Food Club Brand.

Food Club is a brand that has been around since 1945 and has constantly stayed on top of the growing food trends. The transition to Food Club will come with the consistent quality and price you have come to know from Western Family brands. In some instances, quality may actually be a step higher than Western Family, and in other instances, the product you love may actually be cheaper for you.

The transition over to Food Club will take place throughout the year. This means that you shouldn’t see any empty shelves as we make this exciting move over to Food Club brand.

What were some of your top takeaways from Lee’s Summer Food Show?