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Macey’s Tooele Hosts Annual Kids Safety Fair

Macey’s Tooele recently hosted the annual Kids Safety Fair. The event brought together volunteers from Air Med, Tooele Fire Department, Highway Patrol, Tooele City Police Department, Tooele County Sheriff and the Mobile Command Center and Special Operations Division, Utah Poison Control, University of Utah Health Care, Tooele County Health Department, and Tooele County Emergency Management. Volunteers from each organization taught store guests and community members important safety tips and practices. The event, held at Macey’s Tooele, featured a DJ, hotdog and soda stand, fresh smoked ribs, and Macey’s Seafood Road Show.

A special thanks to everyone who helped make this a great event!


Support Primary Children’s Hospital at Macey’s

The annual Macey’s Caring for Kids drive in support of Primary Children’s Hospital is back! We invite you to donate any amount when you visit Macey’s June 4-29 to help the youngest members of our communities and their families while they seek treatment at the hospital. All funds raised during the drive will be used to support hospital programs including music therapy, art therapy, and others. Every penny will help make a difference! We appreciate your support and know that together we can make a difference.

10 Tips to Healthy Eating with Kids

Parents know that getting kids to eat healthy is a battle but the dinner table should not be a place of stress. We are here with ten tips to try out in your quest for healthy eating with kids.

  1. Be the leader: It is a known fact that children are observant. They want to be like mom and dad. That crosses over into eating. If you want your kids to eat healthy then be the example for them. Choose the carrot stick over the french fry and your kids will more than likely follow.
  2. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat: Make healthy options consistent in your home. Include them with every meal and have them easily accessible for any quick snack.
  3. Don’t make vegetables negative: Be careful with how you talk about healthy options. Make them something they want to eat instead of need to eat. Vegetables and fruit should not be a box you need to check. Use positive, fun words when talking about it.
  4. Involve kids in making food: Kids like to get their hands in on the action. Let them help you with meal prepping. It is a great time to educate your kids on how to cook and why we eat the variety of foods we eat.
  5. Start their day healthy: Get rid of the sugared cereal for breakfast. When you start your day with a healthy breakfast option you are more likely to eat healthy the rest of the day. Same goes for kids :).
  6. Make it fun: Get creative with your fruits and vegetables by making an activity out of it. Use cookie cutters to make them into fun shapes. Create pictures out of various foods. Come up with creative names for each food. A kid may be more excited to eat a magic wand carrot than a plain carrot stick.
  7. Have patience: Your children may not love fruit and vegetables at first but give them time. Children’s taste buds are still forming as they grow so they are very likely to change the things they like. Just keep promoting healthy options and they may end up being their favorites.
  8. Let them grow: If you can, plant a small backyard garden and have your children help nurture the plants and watch them grow. Kids will be fascinated with the process and will excite them to try out their creations.
  9. Prep healthy snacks: Take time to make healthy snack bags. Place them on the lowest shelf of your fridge or pantry so they are easy to grab for little hands.
  10. Hide and seek: You always want to make sure your children are seeing the healthy options they eat but occasionally use recipes that allow you to hide vegetables in your meals.

Macey’s Caring for Kids Returns

We’re excited to announce the return of Macey’s Caring for Kids drive in support of Primary Children’s Hospital. This shopper-favorite fundraiser allows us to help the youngest members of community—the children—at a time when they need us most. This year we are raising money to help with programs like music therapy, art therapy and others.

From June 5-24 we invite you to donate any amount during checkout. Every penny helps make a difference in the lives of sick children and their families. We appreciate your support and know that together we can do great things!

Packable Produce


Most of us want to eat healthy lunches and, for those of us who have kids, that they are eating wholesome lunches as well.. The challenge is lunch is most often eaten at school or work leaving us with the option of packing a lunch or eating out. When packing a lunch for yourself, or your child, it can be hard to include healthy options that aren’t going to end up smashed in a backpack by lunchtime or falling apart in your work bag. We’re here to help with eight ideas for snacks with produce that are packable and will still be looking and tasting fresh by lunchtime with no refrigeration.

  1. Carrots

Your kids are free to sit on their carrots; and they will still taste great! Pair with hummus for a protein packed snack.

  1. Apples

Skip the banana that may be brown by lunch and opt for an apple. Slices won’t last as long as whole apples, but if you squeeze a little lemon juice on them when you slice it, it will keep them from going brown. Pair with peanut butter for a kid-friendly favorite.

  1. Grapes

Grapes are much more durable than berries and are great served at room temp. Try pairing them with cheese for a delicious snack.

  1. Lettuce:

The perfect solution to soggy and smashed sandwiches? Lettuce wraps!

  1. Asian Pear

Many pears  will end up bruised and battered in a pre-packed lunch, but Asian pairs have a texture more similar to apples and a tough skin making them ideal for packing.

  1. Oranges

Oranges are one of the most packable produce items because of their tough peel!

  1. Snap Peas

Perfect for dipping or snacking, snap peas can withstand even the roughest of backpacks.

  1. Clementines

Not only do they have a rough skin like oranges, they are the perfect packing size and are a great source of Vitamin C.