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stokes digital coupons instructions

Stokes Digital Coupons

stokes digital coupons instructions

Extra savings? Yes, please! Rewards offers hundreds of clip-able coupons that are available to you each week. By signing up for Rewards you can view them all via the app or desktop browser.  We’ve made it easy and fast.  Learn how to do so below:

Website Coupon Clipping

Step 1: Login to your Rewards Account

Step 2: Click on the ‘Ways to Save’ drop down and choose the ‘Digital Coupons’ option

Step 3: Browse the ‘Digital Coupons Available’ tab to view the current offers

Step 4: Click on the black plus sign or ‘View Details’ to learn more about the offers

Step 5: Click on the ‘Load to Stokes Account’ button to add the digital coupon to your account

coupon one

Step 6: Click on the ‘My Digital Coupons’ tab to view your saved coupons

my digital coupons instructions

Step 7: Save, Shop, Enjoy!

Black Cauldron with Dry Ice Fog Flowing Out

How To Use Dry Ice Safely

Black Cauldron with Dry Ice Fog Flowing Out

Dry ice helps bring the Halloween spirit alive and impress your guests with dazzling drinks and spooky features. But when handled incorrectly, it can cause danger and damage to those around it.

Pick up your dry ice easily, and safely this Halloween season by taking the following precautions:

How to Buy and Transport Dry Ice

When buying in-store, you may ask an employee to pick up the dry ice for you for further safety precautions.

  • Prepare and think ahead before purchasing your dry ice in order to ensure it lasts longer, and prevents unwanted accidents.
  • Plan to buy enough dry ice, for if it is not handled correctly, it will sublimate and lead to loss of the product.
  • To avoid this, bring a cooler or cardboard box to insulate the dry ice from being exposed to warmer temperatures. In addition, you can use a blanket or sleeping back to wrap around your choice of container to protect it from the changing temperatures.
  • Set the bag of dry ice inside your container and close the lid without sealing. This is very important avoid safety hazards. The dry ice will sublimate from solid to carbon dioxide vapor, and the gas could build up and cause an explosion without room for it to escape.
  • Make sure the new air circulates in your vehicle to prevent carbon dioxide poisoning when transporting it.

How to Store Dry Ice at Home

  • The best way to store your dry ice is in a cooler (make sure this is not sealed as well). You may add insulation by double bagging the dry ice in paper bags and then wrapping a blanket around the cooler.
  • Avoid putting in a fridge or freezer. The cold temperature could cause your thermostat to turn your appliance off, and force open the door.

How to Use Dry Ice Safely

  • In addition to ensuring you don’t store your dry ice in a sealed container, it is very important to avoid skin contact. Dry ice is so cold (-109.3 degrees Fahrenheit), meaning touching it can cause immediate frostbite. To avoid this:
    • Always use gloves, tongs, or another device to handle the dry ice.
    • Make sure there is good air circulation where you are using it.
    • If used in drinks, make sure to not ingest the dry ice fragments. This can cause tissue damage from frost bite.
    • Dry ice sinks in a bowl or glass, so the risk of ingestion can be low if used correctly.
    • Avoid using in alcoholic cocktails or while intoxicated.

Biggest Takeaways

  • Don’t store your dry ice in a sealed container
  • Avoid direct skin contact

More Safety Tips:

  • Never leave dry ice unattended around children or pets.
  • Be aware of the symptoms of carbon dioxide poisoning, and always make sure there is good ventilation.
  • If using dry ice to chill your food, the best results will come from storing it on top of the food as the ice will sink.
  • Avoid putting dry ice directly onto counter tops of empty glass containers, the cold temperatures could cause the material to crack.

Once you have followed the precautions above, bring your Halloween party to the next level with dry ice galore!