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Macey’s Spotlight – CJ Linford

If you’ve shopped at our Spanish Fork location, you’ve probably seen CJ Linford greeting each guest with a smile. CJ is one of our front-end courtesy clerks and has been part of the Macey’s team for 13 years! He’s worked in almost every department throughout the store. He began his Macey’s career as a courtesy clerk, moved to the dairy, and joined the produce department for a bit before returning to the front-end team. Regardless of where he’s worked, CJ is always happy to help and loves talking to everyone.

Helping guests makes CJ’s day. He knows the store regulars by name and catching up with them during each visit brightens his day. He loves seeing them smile too. CJ also enjoys working with the entire Macey’s team.

“My team are my friends,” CJ said of his coworkers.

His team also considers him a good friend.

“CJ always has a positive attitude. It doesn’t matter what is happening in the store, CJ just keeps smiling,” said Bill Summers, store director at Macey’s in Spanish Fork. “He will do whatever we ask him to do. He doesn’t care if he is bagging or cleaning up a mess, he is always happy. I know that if I have a bad day, CJ will pick me up. We have CJ train our new baggers because we want his attitude to spread to all of our new team members.”

Favorite Macey’s product: Twist Kong Kones. “They taste really good!”

Tip for Shopping at Macey’s: Don’t be afraid to ask for help. The whole team wants to help you!

Macey’s Employee Spotlight- November

Maceys_EmployeeSpotlight_11Nov851x317Welcome to Macey’s Employee Spotlight. The Employee Spotlight is a great opportunity to recognize the amazing Team Members that help make Macey’s a great place to shop and work.

November 2015

This month’s Employee Spotlight is on Karen Kupfer, Store Trainer at the Ogden Macey’s.

With her bubbly personality and contagious laugh, Karen fits her position as Store Trainer perfectly. After starting as a cashier, she moved into cashier trainer and eventually moved into the Store Trainer position where she handles payroll, new employee orientation, HR and supervises the front end.

Karen is one in a million and a definite asset to Macey’s, she does it all!

  • Craig Howard, Store Director

Karen has been with the Ogden Macey’s for seventeen years. The people, friends and team members are what keep her working here. Her favorite part of her job is the new hire orientations. She loves introducing new employees to Macey’s and working with all of the different store departments.

Karen doesn’t just enjoy taking care of new employees; she also truly loves assisting store guests. She spoke of a time when she was helping an elderly lady out to her car. The lady realized that her keys were locked inside. The lady tried to call her husband to help her but was unsuccessful. Instead of leaving the guest to deal with this on her own, Karen drove her to her house to get a spare set of keys. If that isn’t great guest service, I’m not sure what is.

Karen’s favorite item at Macey’s is the fresh salsa from our produce department and it pairs nicely with the Macey’s tortilla chips.

Her Macey’s experience tip: Shop our fresh departments. We have a scratch bakery, fresh ground beef in the meat department and fresh salads in the deli.

Macey’s Employee Spotlight October 2015 – Meet Scott

Spotlight image

Welcome to Macey’s Employee Spotlight. The Employee Spotlight is a great opportunity to recognize the amazing employees that help make Macey’s a great place to shop and work.

October 2015

This month’s Employee Spotlight is on Scott Jensen, General Merchandise Manager at Macey’s Lehi.

Scott spends his time ensuring that his areas are merchandised beautifully and items are easy to find. He’s been in his current position for only 6 months but has already made a huge difference in the store merchandising. Scott loves being a GM Manager because he is allowed a chance to be creative.

Scott has been with Macey’s for three years, including two and a half years in the Receiving department. Scott came over to Macey’s from the Lin’s store in Cedar City. He feels good every day coming to work and calls Macey’s the best place he has worked.

Scott enjoys helping out in different departments. You can often find him assisting with the BBQ Box smoker, smoking delicious ribs or helping out at our local Farmer’s Market. Scott wanted to push our local Utah peaches so he took some of the peaches from the Farmer’s Market and put them in the BBQ Box creating a delicious grilled peach.

“There are no walls with Scott. He is always willing to help with anything that I ask. He never says no and I can always count on him to do a great job “said Dave Fisher, Store Director of Macey’s Lehi.

Scotts’ favorite Macey’s item is the bakery. He loves everything in the bakery from doughnuts, to cookies to breads. He also had some very nice things to say about our new exclusive brand of ice cream, Red Button Vintage Creamery. It sounds like Scott has a bit of a sweet tooth.

To make your experience at Macey’s even better, Scott recommends checking out the treasure aisle deal wall. Macey’s prides itself on providing a good value to customers.







Macey’s Employee Spotlight- Meet Cordell


Welcome to Macey’s Employee Spotlight. The Employee Spotlight is a great opportunity to recognize the amazing Team Members that help make Macey’s a great place to shop and work.

September 2015

This month’s Employee Spotlight is Cordell Nielson, Assistant Store Manager at Provo Macey’s.

It’s hard not to smile when you speak to Cordell. His passion for his job and joy for life shine through when he speaks. Cordell has been with Macey’s for twelve years, splitting the majority of those years between Provo and Orem Macey’s. He started on the freight crew and has worked his way up through various positions in the store. He loves his current position primarily because he likes being informed on the goings on of the store and having a plan of action.

Cordell defines what Macey’s is about. He is consistent, thorough and great at training people. He is dedicated to exhausting all efforts to take care of our guests.

  • Rich Jensen, Store Director

Cordell loves many things about Macey’s but the main one is the culture and the people. The team is hard-working, engaged and friendly and he enjoys coming to work every day. He also loves interacting with the guests who shop the store. He prides himself on guests having a great and satisfying shopping experience. The experience includes anything from the check stand and items being in stock to the cleanliness of the store.

Cordell doesn’t just hope guests have a great experience; he goes above and beyond to make sure they do. A guest came in last Thanksgiving to order turkeys for all of his employees as a holiday gift. Cordell worked with the meat manager to make sure they had the 200 turkeys required and at a great price. The guest did not have the means to transport all of the turkeys so Cordell created a voucher. He worked with the photo lab to create a custom voucher for each employee with their name and a holiday message for them to come in with and redeem their turkey. The system worked perfectly and all of the employees received their turkeys.

Cordell’s favorite Macey’s branded item is the Macey’s potato chips. The chips are great but what he loves the most is the resalable bag. It keeps you from having to hunt for a bag clip to keep them fresh.

His tip for shopping Macey’s: Double ad Monday. Monday’s at Macey’s are the days when the ads overlap and you can find some great deals.


Macey’s Employee Spotlight – July 2015



Welcome to Macey’s Employee Spotlight. The Employee Spotlight is a great opportunity to recognize the amazing employees that help make Macey’s a great place to shop and work.

July 2015

This month’s Employee Spotlight is on Camilla Larson, Baker Clerk at Macey’s Logan.

Camilla exemplifies teamwork and guest service. She continuously goes above and beyond for guests and creates an environment that guests want to keep coming back to. Congratulations to Camilla Larson, the Macey’s Spotlight of the month!

Camilla grew up shopping at Macey’s. When she found her love of cake decorating, she decided to pursue a position at the Macey’s bakery. She started with Macey’s at the Provo location. Five years later, she is the Bakery Clerk at Macey’s Logan. Macey’s runs in her family, her husband currently also works at the Providence location.

Camilla exemplifies what guest service should be.  She is always smiling and anytime she asks me a question it is in regards to how she can solve a guest request or else a suggestion on how to make the store or Bakery Department better.  If I could clone her I would.  I never have to worry about how the bakery is running while she is on shift; she is willing to do anything that we ask.

  • Roger Anderson, Store Director

Camilla is very passionate about her work and is very detail-oriented. Ensuring that the bakery order is right is very important to her; she does not want to let any of the guests down. She helps out all over the bakery and is currently learning doughnut frying. However, her favorite part of the job is decorating cakes. She frequently goes above and beyond during her closing shift and decorates the next day cake orders. The normal decorators leave at 12 so her initiative to get the cakes decorated is truly an asset to guests.

 “Camilla is an awesome employee! She offered to make us a last minute birthday cake in fall/Halloween style and it was amazing!”

  • Guest comment

“Camilla in the bakery department is amazing! Her work is creative and beautiful! Wonderful experiences with her. “

  • Guest comment


Macey’s Employee Spotlight- June 2015

Welcome to Macey’s Employee Spotlight. The Employee Spotlight is a great opportunity to recognize the amazing employees that help make Macey’s a great place to shop and work.


June 2015

This month’s Employee Spotlight is on Alec Noble, Front End Clerk at Macey’s West Jordan.

Alec has been with Macey’s only one year but has already managed to win over everyone around him. His charismatic personality and humble nature make him a favorite among team members and guests. Congratulations to Alec Noble, Macey’s June Spotlight of the month!

Alec did not work in grocery prior to joining Macey’s but has quickly adapted to the fast-paced grocery environment. Alec started as a checker but recently added customer service as another role. This role fits him as he enjoys solving problems and interacting with the guests.

“Alec walks by and makes me smile. He has the ability to see things before they happen and his sense of urgency is commendable.  He has what it takes to really go far, “said Amy Street, Store Director of Macey’s West Jordan.

Alec is currently finishing high school and excited to finally graduate in June. He plans to apply for either BYU or USU after his mission. He knows that both school locations have Macey’s nearby and might consider working there while in school.

Although Alec doesn’t recognize it himself, he is always going above and beyond to help guests. One recent example involved an elderly couple and their cart. An elderly couple couldn’t get two carts unstuck so they were shopping with two carts stuck together. Alec noticed this and ran up to help them separate their carts. Its small acts like this that reiterate the “happy shopping” value that Macey’s lives by.

To make your Macey’s shopping experience easier; Alec suggests getting to know the team members. The team members are there to help you answer questions and find items. Alec also suggests trying Macey’s potato chips. “You get a pound of chips for a reasonable price, making them a great value. “


Employee Spotlight- May 2015

employee spotlight

Welcome to Macey’s Employee Spotlight. The Employee Spotlight is a great opportunity to recognize the amazing employees that help make Macey’s a great place to shop and work.

May 2015

This month’s Employee Spotlight is Beth Christensen, Front End Manager at Macey’s Providence.

Beth is a prime example of a Macey’s Spotlight employee. She truly lives the Macey’s brand and makes shopping at Macey’s a unique and pleasurable experience. Congratulations to Beth Christensen, Macey’s May Spotlight of the month!

Beth Christensen is a charismatic, compassionate and thoughtful person. Beth grew up in Oregon and taught special education for a few years. After having children and being a stay at home mom, she wanted to get back into the workforce. Beth started at Macey’s in the deli, nine years later she is the Front End Manager at Macey’s Providence.

“Beth exemplifies a Macey’s employee. She is great with the team and guests and does a great job executing Macey’s vision. She is great at her job and I truly enjoy working with her,” said Kerry Chin, Store Director of Macey’s Providence.

Beth loves the environment at Macey’s. When she walks in to work, she feels alive. She compared her team and job to being the heartbeat of the store and a vital organ of a body. Beth loves the flexibility that Macey’s gives her; she has the ability to go above and beyond to ensure guest satisfaction.  The most important thing to Beth is guest satisfaction—she wants to ensure guests feel welcome and enjoys talking to people at the store.

Beth’s team is another reason that she enjoys working at Macey’s. The culture at Macey’s Providence is friendly and inviting and she is constantly impressed with the team’s ability to make the day-to-day operations run smoothly.

Beth loves shopping at Macey’s and has many favorite Macey’s products. The two Macey’s products that Beth loves are the gourmet kettle korn and the tortilla chips. These products have become staples in her household.

Beth suggests starting at the deli to make your shopping trip easier,. “If you place your order at the deli first then, your order will be complete by the time you are done shopping. Plus then you have an easy dinner.”

Thank you to Beth for exemplifying the values that Macey’s holds important. If you know Beth, be sure to congratulate her for earning the May Employee Spotlight of the month!