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Corned Beef Pretzel Melts

St. Patrick’s Day🍀 is coming so get in the Leprechaun spirit with these fun Corned Beef Pretzel Melts!​


  • 2 boxes Crav’n Flavor Soft Pretzels
  • 6 tablespoons Thousand Island Dressing
  • 1 pound corned beef, sliced
  • 6 slices provolone cheese
  • 1/2 cup dill pickle chips ​


  1. Preheat oven to 400°F. Bake pretzels according to package directions. Let cool for 2-3 minutes.
  2. Take 6 pretzels and spread with dressing. Top with corned beef and provolone cheese. Transfer to a rimmed baking sheet and bake for 5 minutes, or until cheese is melted.
  3. Top with pickle chips, more dressing, and remaining soft pretzels. Serve immediately.​

Healthy Eating Tips for Spring

How many of you started a new year’s resolution to make better choices when it comes to food? I did! And here I am as Spring is approaching noticing that my motivation has disappeared and I’m right back to where I started. There’s good news though! It’s never too late to start over! Any time is a great time to find ways to be a healthier version of yourself. Why not start with making baby steps towards healthier eating habits now! Here are a few simple tips to get you started!

  1. Try new vegetables! Or, a different way to prepare them.

Vegetables are packed with nutrients that our bodies need. It can get old eating the same salad day after day. So, try to spruce it up! Add different vegetables such as broccoli or roasted sweet potatoes to your every day salad. Or, just try to prepare vegetables differently than you are used to. Try roasting them with a drizzle of olive oil or throwing them on the grill! You’d be surprised by the change of taste and texture that creates. Make extra so you can store some in your refrigerator for your next meal! 

  1. Try to eat smaller portions.

There are ways that you can actually trick yourself into eating smaller portions! Yep! Trick yourself! Buy smaller plates so it’s harder to load up. And, another way to trick yourself? Once you get your portions, put the leftovers away immediately. It takes more effort to get everything back out to eat another serving this will help you keep those portions small! 

  1. Meal prep! 

I know, this one is daunting! But once you get the hang of it, it’s not so bad! Not only will it help you with portion control, it saves time in the long run! It will also save you a trip to the nearest fast-food joint. When you spend the time to meal prep you are way more likely to reach for what is in your fridge than to run out to grab something! Keep it simple! Make large portions of the protein of your choice, roast some vegetables, add your favorite seasonings and throw them all together in to-go containers! 

  1. Snack wise

If you’re like me you like to snack! I will go through my day eating whatever is accessible and easy to grab! I have learned to meal prep small bags of different kinds of fruit that are easy to grab and go. That way I’m not grabbing the nearest bag of chips or box of candy! I still get my sweet treat but don’t have to feel guilty about it later! I also like to prep bags of nuts and different kinds of cheeses. I will even throw in a small amount of dark chocolate chips with my nuts to add that little bit of sweet that I crave! 

  1. Hydrate!

Train yourself to always have a large bottle of water with you at all times. Sometimes we simply just eat because we are bored. When you have a water bottle on hand it can help curve the craving to snack!  If you get sick of water or just hate the taste of it, try to spice it up a bit by throwing in some of your favorite fresh citrus fruits or herbs in to infuse it! Mix it up by adding something different every day! Fresh mint, cucumbers, lime, and berries are a few of my favorites! 

  1. Shop smart!

So, here’s the deal, you are probably going to eat what is in your house. Am I right? So why not start to shop smart! Choose a grocery store that has a wide variety of fresh and local produce? (psst… Kent’s Market is my favorite). Shop the perimeters of the store to ensure you aren’t consumed by all of the processed foods. Make sure you make a list of the items you need and stick to it! Fill your pantry and refrigerator full of nutritious foods to help keep you on track! 

There are a lot of ways to keep you on the right track to a healthier lifestyle. But start small if you have to and implement new techniques as you go! We are all in this together! Try to find an accountability partner who will be cheering you on and walking along side you during this journey! Happy healthy eating! 

Back to Basics – Cooking from Home

I don’t know about you but I’ve been cooking from home a lot more often lately. And, I kind of love it! A few months ago, our busy life was basically put on hold, our world stopped spinning, the hustle and bustle was put to a halt and I literally had to find my bearings and remember how to cook again. I will be the first to admit that we ate out entirely too much. As much as I wanted the family dinners around the table, our schedules just never quite lined up. So, when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped in quickly!  I have found a few awesome tips for getting back to basics and putting food back on the table. 

  • Buy in bulk. The staples that you know you will need, stock up on those! Keep your eyes open for sales such as Kent’s Market’s case lot sale! These sales come around often and you wouldn’t want to miss them! This will save you time and more importantly, money! 
  • Start grocery shopping ONLINE! It saves time and it’s a good way to keep your distance from other shoppers. Kent’s Market makes online shopping so simple and I trust that they will always get my order right!
  • Prep your meals! Take a day to make a few freezer meals! It’s worth the time and effort! You can find a lot of meal prep recipes on Pinterest! From freezer meals to weekly breakfast and lunch meals and more! Make sure you are adding your ingredients to your Kent’s Market online basket as you go! 
  • Find a good meal plan service! This has been a life saver for me and possibly by best tip yet! It will help switch things up a bit and will get you away from making the same dish too often! Give DinnerHub from Kent’s a try! You won’t be disappointed!

So, with all of the uncertainty going on in the world today, make certain that you are getting the family back around the table again! 

Savory Summer Delights

When you think of summer time – you think of barbeques, pool and park dates, and time spent with family. What goes along with these? FOOD! And at Kents Market – you have your pick of the best local and fresh meat, produce, bakery items, and deli selections.

Why is local and fresh so important? Our meats, produce, and deli items are served to you at their peak production and ripeness. Fresh = nutrient dense. At Kents Markets, not only do you get personalized service, but we serve our customers only the best. Serving local meat and produce also enhances the economy around us – so that is a win-win!


No BBQ is complete without the perfect steak or meat selection! Let the friendly and knowledgeable meat department butchers help you pick the best cuts of meat that will surely make your next get together one to remember. Our chicken, beef, pork and fish are all premium sourced.


Nothing goes better with the perfect cut of meat than the ripest vegetables! Pick out the perfect side in our produce department! From grilled, sautéed, or steamed – veggies are just the best. And you can never go wrong with the perfect fruit tray!


Kents Market hosts the BEST bakery items! Made fresh every day, you can’t go wrong. We have the experience and expertise when it comes to bread, rolls, cookies, cakes, and donuts! We even cater and take special orders! Browse our website for ideas and prices.


Want the perfect meal but don’t have the time? We have you covered! From fresh sliced deli meat, cheeses, as well as salads and sides – you can just swing into the Market and walk out with fresh food! Easy as that! We can also provide catering and deli trays! Craving something a little extra? We have fresh made sandwiches and SUSHI!

When you are wanting to make a big hit at your next gathering, remember Kents Market and all we have to offer! Check out our website!

5 Tips to Stay Healthy

In this time of uncertainty and disruption of our daily lives – we would like to pass on five tips for eating healthy and staying safe to our community and customers. You don’t need to look beyond your local Kent’s, we have you covered!

1.) As if you haven’t heard it enough lately, washing your hands and disinfecting your home and just about everything you touch is paramount to keeping germs at bay! Make this a daily, if not hourly practice in your daily routine. Kent’s is your one stop shop for hand wash, disinfecting wipes, and germ-killing cleansers.

2.) As more and more research emerges about how diet effects our health – it has never been more important to take a hard look at what you consume. Balanced diets rich in wholesome fruits and vegetables should be your first focus. The more colors of the rainbow you can add to your daily meals, the better! recommends at least five servings of both combined in a day! Shop our fresh produce here:

3.) What about Organic? Kent’s offers an exclusive line of organic items from Full Circle Market – a brand that carries produce, meat, and poultry, dairy, deli, and baby items. Organic foods are grown from responsible, sustainable farms that do not use persistent pesticides. If you want to take your health to the next level without major expense – take a look at what we have to offer in organic products!

4.) Get in the kitchen! Prepare your own meals from scratch with the knowledge and empowerment that you know what you are putting in your body! We can make it easy on our customers to choose healthy meals while providing all the necessary ingredients! Kent’s offers recipes which in turn helps you with your shopping list!

5.) Vitamins and Supplements – we all know our bodies are deficient in some manner. With the instruction and guidance from your health care professional – ask what you could be taking to supplement a healthy diet to improve your health that much more! Kent’s offers a wide range of dietary vitamins and supplements to benefit children, adults, and the aging. Again – coordinate with a health care professional – then bring your list to Kent’s!

A Real Life Story About Digital Coupons

I am a real- life Kent’s Market customer…I am not a blogger nor do I have an internet following on social media.  I am just a regular shopper trying to save money on groceries while feeding my family.  Here is my experience with using the Kent’s Market website and their digital coupons.

Kents has made it really easy to set up an account online and begin using all their great tools.  Just go to  to get started.  Set up your account and next time you need to login just put in your email and password!  The website has so much information…it even keeps track of your recent receipts and purchases! I am new to their digital coupons but I want to share my experience using them. I love Kent’s grocery store and have shopped there for about 12 years.  They have the best produce in town at the best prices and their meat department can’t be beat! Plus they have great customer service.  Kents is just a great home town grocery store…but they are really working on keeping up with what’s new in the marketing world. 

When you log in to the website there are three bars on the right side of the page – just click on that to bring up their menu.  Scroll down to ” digital coupons”.  Once you select digital coupons it brings up their coupon page where you can ‘clip away’!  Just scroll through the HUNDREDS of digital coupons and select the ones you want to add to your account.  

They are stored under your kickbacks rewards account and when you give the cashier your phone number they automatically are redeemed as the items are scanned at the register.  No need to fumble through your wallet for paper coupons!  It really was so easy! Plan your weekly meals around the items that are on sale in their Ad, plus use the digital coupons to really save money on your grocery bill.  

As you can see from my receipt I saved $21.40 on my total purchase using 18 digital coupons! Almost all the items I bought were already on sale in their weekly ad, and some were also an additional amount off using coupons I added online to my account! Double savings!!There were a few items I had digital coupons  for that I could not find in the store, but overall there were hundreds of coupons! You can select categories to help you find what you are looking for such as frozen foods, or dairy/ eggs/ cheese or paper/cleaning/home.  It stores all your added coupons under the tab ” My digital coupons”.  It also allows you to see what coupons you have redeemed or that are expired. 

I will be using Kent’s digital coupons from now on. It is so easy and so organized! Try it for yourself and see how much money you too can save! 

–A.S.– Perry 

Introducing Single Sign On

We’ve upgraded our website!

Planning for and saving on your grocery shopping has never been easier. The Kent’s team has been hard at work looking for ways to help you better use our website, app, digital ads and all the benefits and perks associated with them. Based on your feedback, we have made a variety of updates to each platform to help you have the best grocery shopping planning experience around.

What has changed on our website? The first time you visit our updated website, you’ll need to re-register your account so it can be updated to the one username and one password program and our new website experience. Don’t worry! You won’t lose any of your points, wallet credits or saved coupons as long as you use the same phone number connected to your original account. Once you log in, you can move from page to page without being asked to sign in again regardless if you’re checking your points or looking for coupons.

This makes managing your rewards account much easier. Once you are signed into the site, you can instantly see your points, special offers and other benefits of being a Kickbacks member.

Save more with digital coupons! The new digital coupons experience on the Kent’s website is easier than ever to use and is tied directly to your account. Coupons are now organized by category. When we have special events at the store, we’ll create a separate category for those coupons, making it simple to find the coupons that matter most to you. To use our digital coupons, simply visit the Digital Coupons section of our website, select the coupons you want, save them and then go shopping. Every coupon you add to your account is automatically applied when you check out so you don’t’ have to remember to clip them and bring them with you.

Digital Coupons

Extra savings? Yes, please! Kent’s offers hundreds of clip-able coupons that are available to you each week. We’ve made it easy and fast.  Learn how to do so below:

Website Coupon Clipping

Step 1: Login to your Kickback Account

Step 2: On our home page click on Digital Coupons

Step 3: Browse the ‘Digital Coupons Available’ tab to view the current offers

Step 4: Click on the blue plus sign or ‘View Details’ to learn more about the offers

Step 5: Click on the ‘Load to Perks Account’ button to add the digital coupon to your account

Step 6: Click on the ‘My Digital Coupons’ tab to view your saved coupons

red button vintage creamery in a circle on marble counter

Continuity Offers

Make room in your refrigerator and freezer, because our new continuity offers are here to stay! Red Button Vintage Creamery lovers, and Food Club® yogurt fans, this is the deal for you. Read more below on how to get your free ice cream and yogurt!

Red Button Vintage Creamery

Mix and match the delicious Red Button Ice Cream and Gelato offerings to gain your free reward. When you buy 10 cartons, you get the 11th free!

food club yogurts in a circle with one in the middle facing up

Food Club® Yogurt

For those of you who eat yogurt for breakfast everyday, here is the perfect deal for you. When you buy 10 Blended or Light Yogurts, you get the 11th free! The deal also works for our Greek Yogurts as well, but are not able to be mixed and matched.

You must enter your rewards phone number at checkout with each purchase you make to gain the qualifying FREE item.

Visit our Weekly Ad to check out the rest of our current deals!

Healthy Eating in 2021

Healthy Eating in 2021

Lemon, orange, celery, pomegranate with holiday decor

Making healthy eating a “resolution” can be tricky! It seems easy to tell yourself at the beginning of the year that you are going eat healthier and make some big changes! But soon you realize that “resolution” has faded away and you are back to your old ways.

Instead of making a resolution why not make a life style change? Taking away the deadline of a resolution can help reduce the stress and pressure of this big change in your life! Here are a few ways to get you started on the right track!

  • Meal Prep: Take any day of the week (preferably Sunday) and set aside about an hour to prep your meals for the week. It may seem daunting at first but once you have ready made meals you will thank yourself! Meal prepping cuts out the urge to eat out and will in turn save money. Win, Win!!
  • Prep your fruits and vegetables: How many times have you got home from the grocery store and just threw your fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator and forgotten about them? Don’t let those go to waste! You are more likely to eat them when they are prepped and ready for you! When you get home, wash and cut them up! Place them in little bags or containers! Boom! Ready to eat!
  • Eat Naked: No… I don’t mean that eating while naked. I mean, eat foods that don’t come packaged. Fruits, vegetables, fresh meats from the deli, nuts and seeds that you can buy in bulk!
  • Invest in a good blender. Smoothies are a really good way to get a nice treat without all of the sugar! Plus, you can add vegetables like spinach and carrots to make it extra healthy without even tasting it! You can also meal prep smoothies! Have them in the freezer and ready to just dump into the blender! Time saving and healthy! Can’t go wrong there!
  • Read the labels: Make sure you are reading the labels of what you are buying! Look for whole ingredients. And, the less ingredients the better!!