Assemble your Snackadium

Stadium built out of Snacks

Every great game watching party needs delicious and copious amounts of foods. With that in mind, we bring you the most epic way to display your favorite game day snacks, the Snackadium! This easy to build Snackadium is sure to impress your guests and feed your entire team of hungry fans.

To assemble your very own and custom Snackadium, you will need:

Field: 1 9×13 inch aluminum pan

End Zone: 4 8.5×4.5 inch aluminum pans

Portals and Stadium Seating: 22 cardboard magazine holders

Fans: 18 snacksĀ  and 2 sandwich trays

Field Grass: 5 dips

Team Colors: 18 deli liners

After acquiring all of the necessary components, begin lining your portals and stadium seating with deli liners to welcome your favorite team into their Snackadium. After all portals have been lined, fill each seat with fans and organize by following theĀ Snackadium Blueprint.

Once your Snackadium is complete, be sure to invite fellow fans over and snack the game day away to cheer your favorite team on.