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Enfamil Giveaway!


During the month of December, when you buy 2 Enfamil Powder Tubs or Enfagrow Powder, you will save $5 and also be entered for a chance to win free formula for a year! Come in today and grab your Enfamil products!

For Terms and Conditions and No Purchase Necessary, click here.

Also, don’t forget about our new line!babystepsaddec_pg4

Reason #5 to use Macey’s Anywhere


Reason #5 to use Macey’s Anywhere: Everyone stays in their seat belts

Although you love your little one, sometimes shopping with them can be challenging. With Macey’s Anywhere online grocery shopping, you can leave them in their seat belt, resting peacefully without even taking them out of the car.

Skip the stroller, diaper bag and disturbing the sleeping child by letting us do your grocery shopping for you. Order online and park in one of the designated parking stalls. Call or text the number on the sign and then, RELAX! We’ll bring your groceries right out to you.

Just follow the steps below for a shopping experience you will actually enjoy.

  1. Log into 
  2. Add items to your cart or as you go.
  3. Watch the subtotal on the right hand side to keep track of your budget.
  4. Choose a pickup time.
  5. Checkout.
  6. Park in the designated parking stall and we will load your groceries into your trunk.

Start your happy shopping experience now! 

A gift you know will be used


Gift cards are one of the most popular gifts for the holidays and the gift of food is something almost everyone can enjoy. If you’re considering a gift card for someone on your shopping list, here are five reasons why you’re making the right move:

  1. People want gift cards. According to and the National Retail Federation, when asked what they would like for a gift this holiday, six in 10 people replied, “gift cards.” Of those wanting gift cards, women want them more than men–with nearly 7 in 10 women asking for them versus just half of all men.
  2. Everyone needs to eat. A simple truth, everyone needs to eat and a grocery gift card from our store is guaranteed to be a useful and welcome gift.
  3. Easy to mail. Let’s face it, shipping can be expensive. That’s why a gift card that can fit in an envelope with one stamp is the one of the best possible solutions.
  4. They work for everyone. Every year, you have to play the impossible game of pleasing everyone. Unless, you give them a gift where they get to choose what they want—then everyone wins!
  5. Saves time. You could spend hours in a crowded mall or take 10 quick minutes and get a gift you know the person will love.

Stop by our store today and pick up a card that will be a delicious gift. We also have many other gift cards available, from restaurants like Applebee’s and Chili’s to department stores and hardware stores. Happy holidays!



Smithfield Prime Fresh Pork


At our store we know that not all pork is created equal. That is why we carry Smithfield Prime Fresh Pork. It is a premium, all natural pork that is 20% more tender than other leading brands. Every cut is hand-trimmed, juicy and made right here in the USA by American farm families. The difference is real and it is delicious. View or weekly ad here for savings on Smithfield Prime and pick some up today.

To learn more about Smithfield Prime visit