Dan’s Market and Associated Food Stores Commit to Goal of Cage-Free Eggs

Dan’s Market and Associated Food Stores Commit to Goal of Cage-Free Eggs

Local grocer working with wholesaler to make transition by 2025

Salt Lake City, UT (June 10, 2016) Dan’s Market and Associated Food Stores recently announced a goal to source and provide exclusively cage-free eggs. The Utah-based grocery wholesaler is working with suppliers to transition Dan’s Markets egg selection to cage-free by 2025. The transition will be completed in stages to ensure there isn’t a disruption in egg supply at the stores.

“As a company, we believe the most humane living conditions for hens is a cage-free environment,” said Jason Sokol, marketing director for Associated Food Stores. “We are dedicated to working with responsible suppliers and currently offer cage-free eggs to all stores we supply.”

Dan’s Market and Associated Food Stores has heightened the focus with egg suppliers over the last several months to specifically address the goal of going cage-free. Similar to Kroger, Walmart, Safeway and many other grocery wholesalers and retailers, Associated Food Stores is working with suppliers toward a goal of converting all egg sales to be 100 percent cage-free by 2025. Timeline may vary based on availability and consumer demand.


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