Spring Cleaning and your Pantry

Spring is coming and it’s time to get organized. Maybe it was a New Year’s resolution that fell to the wayside, but there is still time to rearrange and clean up before spring in in full swing. Here are three steps to get your pantry clean and organized for spring:

Spring Cleaning

  1. Clean it Out!

    First thing you will want to do is get everything out of your pantry. Take every last can out so you can see what you have and then you can start sorting your items. Separate your items into four categories: things you use every day, things you use occasionally, things you want to donate and things you need to trash.

  2. Clean Up!

    Now that your pantry is empty, take advantage of it and wipe down all your shelves. Getting rid of the crumbs and dust will make your pantry feel ten times more organized. Take a damp cloth over all your shelves and then let them dry completely before you begin restocking.

  3. Stock It!

    This is where you will truly get organized. Organize your pantry in zones; this is the best way to make sure you won’t be dealing with unorganized chaos in a few months. Start by putting all your baking items in one section, breakfast items in another, lunch items in another, ect. Organizing by meals will A) make meal prep more simple and B) keep your pantry organized. Another zone you may want to include is a snack zone. Make your snack zone easy to access so your smaller family members will be able to reach and they won’t need to go ripping through your organized shelves searching for their favorite snack.

We hope these steps help you get your pantry in perfect order this spring.