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Macey’s Digital Coupons

Happy Savings!

Savings on your weekly groceries just got easier.  Your Macey’s Perks online account now features more digital coupons. These coupons will save you time, money and save the trees.

To get add Macey’s digital coupons to your account follow the steps below:

  • Log onto your Macey’s Perks account here.
  • Select the “Savings” tab (top left)



  • Select the “Link Account” button (middle right)



  • Add your Google account information (Gmail account, YouTube, Picasa, etc.)
    • If you do not have a Google account you can create on by selecting the “Sign Up” button (top right).
      • A Google account allows guests to talk, chat, share, schedule, store, organize, collaborate, discover, and create. Use Google products from Gmail to Google+ to YouTube, view search history, all with one username and password, all backed up all the time and easy to find at


  • Select the “Accept” button to allow your Macey’s Perks and Google account to sync.



We are excited to offer these savings to our guests as another way to save! Happy Shopping!

Macey’s Employee Earns Title of Utah’s Top Bagger


Salt Lake City, UT (September 24, 2013) -Andrew Hadlock, a bagger from Macey’s grocery store in Sandy, Utah took first place at the Utah Food Industry Association’s Annual Best Bagger Competition. Andria Webb from Lin’s Fresh Market in Hurricane, Utah took third place. Amparo Mullen from the Harmon’s organization placed second.

“We are really excited that our team members are able to enjoy these opportunities and do so well,” said John Harris, District Manager of Associated Retail Operations. “They are great ambassadors for our stores.”

Each year the Utah Food Industry Association hosts the competition for Utah’s Best Bagger. During the competition, baggers are judged and receive points in four areas: speed, proper bag building technique, distribution of weight between bags, style, attitude and appearance.

Andrew Hadlock will now represent the state of Utah during the National Grocers Association’s best bagger competition on February 11, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“We work hard to provide an atmosphere where young people can be successful at work and develop a pattern of accomplishment for life,” said Darin Peirce, District Manager of Associated Retail Operations. “We love when their efforts are rewarded during these competitions.”



Associated Retail Operations is a group of corporate stores owned by Associated Food Stores, an independent retailer-owned warehouse based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The corporate stores operate under five different banners: Macey’s, Fresh Market, Dan’s, Lin’s and Dick’s Markets. Learn more about Associated Retail Operations by visiting their websites:,,,, Associated Food Stores can be found on the internet at


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Contact: Kris Romeril

Phone: (801) 978-8450

Macey’s Case Lot is Coming!


Macey’s big case lot sale is almost here.  It is time to go through your pantry and food storage and stock up on the things you need.  Macey’s case lot sale makes it easy to build your food storage and pantry by offering bulk items at low prices, and even if you don’t need a whole case of an item you can still get our case lot items at incredibly low prices.

Buying during case lot can give you immediate peace of mind about being prepared for an emergency and at amazingly low prices you can get what you need without feeling guilty.  Start thinking now about what you need to stock up on and save! Case lot starts September 7th!

Wonderful Watermelon

Increasing the amount of fruit you eat can improve your diet, and watermelon can be a great choice. Right now you can get fresh watermelon at Macey’s.  Not only is watermelon delicious, but it has some amazing health benefits.


Here are some great reasons to incorporate watermelon into your diet:

  • Watermelon is an excellent source of vitamin A, which helps maintain eye health and acts as an antioxidant; vitamin C, which strengthens immunity, heals wounds and prevents cell damage; and vitamin B6 which helps in brain function and converting protein into energy.
  • Watermelon has the highest concentration of lycopene of any fresh fruit or vegetable.  Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that helps fight heart disease and several types of cancer.
  • Watermelon is a great source of potassium which helps in muscle and nerve function.

Mix it in a fruit salad or eat on its own, this is one tasty and healthy fruit your whole family will love!

Thanks for spending time with us on the Macey’s blog.  Happy Shopping!


Slow Cooker Temp/Time Conversion


Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the LOW and HIGH setting on your slow cooker? While it can be based on personal preference, the temperature setting directly correlates to the cooking time of the food. The low setting is 200° F and the high setting is 300° F. It’s safe to cook your raw meat at both of these temperatures, but it works out as follows: 1 hour of cooking time on high equals about 2- 2.5 hours of cooking time on low.  Both of these settings will stabilize at the same temperature but the low temperature will take a little longer to reach the simmering point.  Below is a simple chart to help you convert the cooking time between the two settings.

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