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Hamburger Grilling Tips


It’s finally starting to warm up and you know what that means– grilling season! When you’re craving a giant, home-made juicy hamburger, look no further than Macey’s meat department. Our fresh ground beef is Utah’s best, ground several times a day in the store so you always have the freshest beef possible. If you’re grilling up some burgers this week, remember to stop by Macey’s and use these handy grilling tips:
1. It Dosen’t Need to Be Lean

For a juicy hamburger, select a higher fat percentage in your meat. (Don’t be afraid, most of the fat cooks off onto the grill.) This will only help prevent you from having a dry hamburger patty.

2. Make Large Patty

Don’t be afraid to be large and in charge with your hamburger patty. Hamburger will always shrink once fully cooked on the grill.

3. Seasonings

Use plenty of salt and pepper, as well as a nice beef seasoning. If you’d like advice on a savory hamburger seasoning, be sure to talk with one of our friendly butchers. They know what’s best and can give you plenty of suggestions!

4. Only Flip Once

A grill master knows that the best hamburgers are only flipped once. Flipping your burgers too much will result in a loss of juice.

5. Don’t Press!

Never press your hamburger patty with your spatula. As you squish your patty, the delicious juices that help make your hamburger scrumptious are falling into the grill.

6. Use a Thermometer

Once your meat thermometer reads 160 and meat juices are clear, you are safe to take your patty off the grill and enjoy them with your family.

Don’t forget that our experienced butchers are happy to assit you with whatever meat advice you need. From picking the perfect steak or selecting the best pot roast, the butchers at Macey’s have you covered.

Happy Shopping!

Free Tim McGraw Suite Tickets

cokemcgraw_perks_endcapsign_239156Macey’s is excited to announce the next Macey’s Perks offer. For every $30 you spend on Coca-Cola at Macey’s from May 6, 2013 – May 31, 2013, you’ll automatically be entered to win a free pair of suite tickets to see Tim McGraw on June 14, 2013 at USANA from Coca-Cola. At checkout, just make sure to give the cashier your phone number so your Perks account will be entered to win. With great deals on Coca-Cola products every week, entering couldn’t be easier.

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