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Cooking With Pumpkins

As a member of the gourd family, pumpkins have a variety of uses.  The most popular use is of course the carving of Jack-O-Lanterns; however, there are many other things that a pumpkin can be incorporated into.  We’ve given you some fun cooking and recipe ideas to make sure your fall season is unforgettable!

One thing to understand is which pumpkin to use for specific things. 1-pumpkin

For Pies & Purees

  • Sugar Pie Pumpkins
  • Cinderella Pumpkins

These pumpkins are sweet and have a less dense skin that allows easy baking.  You won’t be disappointed in the taste!  For step-by-step instructions on how to make your own puree visit

Pumpkin Layer Cheesecake

Cheesecake AND pumpkin? Count us in!  For those chilly days, cozy up by the fireplace and have a slice of this delicious dessert.  The fall is great for many reasons, but the flavors are our favorite.  Visit to learn how to make this tasty treat!

Pumpkin Chowder — Baked in a Pumpkin!

Impress your friends and family with this creative dish by using a pumpkin as a serving bowl!  Nothing tastes better on a cold fall day than a steamy hot bowl of soup.  Share with your loved ones by visiting for the full details and recipe.

Have a killer pumpkin recipe? We’d love to hear about it on the Macey’s blog!

Homemade Halloween Treats

Pumpkins, monsters, and ghosts, oh my!  It’s that time of year again when the air is crisp and the ghouls come out to play: Halloween!  Who doesn’t love a good costume party or candy fest?  We have some ideas to make your parties the tastiest in town!halloween-ghost-peeps

Peep Ghost Halloween Smore

Tina of Mommy’s Kitchen blog has created a spooky and unique approach to the classic smore. All you will need for this treat is:

  • Western Family Graham Crackers
  • Ghost Peeps
  • Hershey’s mini milk chocolate bars

For step-by-step instructions on how to recreate this spooky treat, visit Mommy’s Kitchen!

Witch Broomsticks

Was it just us, or did the wicked witch from The Wizard of Oz scare anyone else?  This sweet is perfect for adding an extra serving of black magic. Mrs. Happy Homemaker created this fun, simple recipe. Ingredients include: witch-broomsticks

  • Small Reese’s cups
  • Western Family pretzel sticks



We love this idea from  It’ll add flavor and fun to any social gathering!  What you will need: halloweenies

  • Pillsbury refrigerated crescent dinner rolls.
  • Cocktail-sized smoked link sausages or hot dogs.

Click here to see how to prepare this delicious snack that your kids will love.

Creative Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Whether you’re browsing our stores or visiting a local pumpkin patch, the tradition of carving pumpkins lives on.  We have some tips and ideas from different blogs and websites for making this tradition even more fun and creative for you and your family. carving-a-pumpkin

Choosing the right one:

Choosing the right pumpkin will determine how long it will last, how it will carve, and of course the way it looks!

  1.  Check for smooth even-colored skin.  Make sure there aren’t any bruises, dents, or gashes in the skin.  The skin should be firm on the entire surface of the pumpkin to allow easy carving.
  2. Make sure the pumpkin sits level when on a hard surface.  This will ensure the safety of a burning candle inside and give others a chance to look at your masterpiece!
  3. If using templates of any kind, pick your template first.  It’s easier to know what kind of “canvas” you will need before you choose your pumpkin.

Different Carving and Decorating Ideas:

Nothing goes better with a cup of apple cider and a caramel apple than pumpkin carving.  We’ve brainstormed some ideas to give your tradition a little bit of a twist.

  • Use cookie-cutters instead of a knife to create perfect shapes.  Simply place your chosen cookie-cutter onto the pumpkin and with a rubber mallet, pound the shape into the flesh.  Grab a pair of pliers if needed to pry the cutter from the skin.  Easy!

This idea couldn’t be any easier, but easy doesn’t mean any less appealing.  This idea is perfect for any Halloween party or get together you may be throwing.

  • Simply place old string masks around the pumpkins. (Not the full coverage ones.  Those will completely hide the pumpkin.)

Tools to Use:

Instead of reaching for the usual kitchen knife, try using a melon baller, or a drill to create a polka dot effect.  This way of carving is a fun way to add style and chic to your Halloween décor.

The Building Blocks


How can a painter paint without a paint brush? How can a knitter knit without knitting needles? Well, you either go without or you get creative, right? In this blog post, I am going to give the beginning cook a list of what the cooking “pros” think you need to start cooking.  (Too bad they did not give advice on how to keep it all organized. I don’t know about you but Tupperware is a nightmare in my house.)

Continue reading The Building Blocks

Introducing Our New…

We’re excited to welcome and introduce a new member of the Macey’s team! Janel Gangroth will be the store director at the Sandy Macey’s. A Utah native with more than 14 years of experience in the supermarket industry, Janel brings an unparalleled level of knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm to work every day.

Janel’s mission as store director of the Sandy supermarket is to ensure quality, cleanliness and a friendly environment for shoppers. Described by her family and coworkers as supportive, organized and energetic, Janel embodies the qualities and work ethic we value here at Macey’s.

We asked Janel what she loves most about Macey’s and she said:janelSandyStore

“I love my job, but more than that, I love the relationships which I’ve developed with my coworkers and customers. I’m excited to be a part of the Macey’s family and I’m eager to reach out to my neighbors in the Sandy community. I hope shoppers will feel at-home in our store and approach our staff with any questions or concerns.”

We also asked Janel what items from Macey’s she simply couldn’t live without. For Janel, that includes: 

    • Macey’s fresh baked bagels
    • Greek yogurt
    • Macey’s deep-marinated Tri-tip roasts

We’re thrilled to have Janel as part of our team in Sandy and hope you are to! Look out for her smiling face the next time you stop by the Sandy Macey’s.

Happy shopping!

Tailgating Snacks

Hosting a tailgating party isn’t easy. Most people who come to the party have grown tired of celebrating Game Day with hamburgers and hot dogs. To spice up your party, Macey’s shoppers have shared a few of their favorite tailgating recipes guaranteed to make your home the destination for sporting events.knots

Cheesy Jalapeno Knots

With a list of ingredients that will leave you salivating, these Cheesy Jalapeno Knots are sure to increase foot traffic in the kitchen area. For step-by-step instructions on how to prepare this tasty treat,
click here.popcorn

Cheesy Chili Lime Popcorn

Everyone needs something to munch on throughout the game and we’ve got the perfect solution – popcorn. This finger-licking snack is a host’s dream. With such little preparation time and a short list of ingredients, cheesy chili lime popcorn is the perfect kickoff treat. To learn how to prepare this recipe, click here.

Chocolate Crunch Quesadillasquesa

If you’re looking to really impress the Game Day crew, this treat will ensure your position as the tailgating king or queen. Nutella, sliced almonds and shredded coconut squeezed between a toasted quesadilla is simply too good to be wrong. Click here to see how to prepare this tailgating touchdown.

Have YOU enrolled in Perks?

Macey’s Perks is not your ordinary grocery store rewards program. In fact, it’s nothing like other grocery stores’ programs! With Macey’s Perks, there is no card, you don’t need to sign up to get our sales prices and you don’t need to sit around for hours clipping coupons.

Members of Macey’s Perks program will receive:perksBag

  • Surprise discounts at the register
  • Notifications of safety recalls
  • News about upcoming events, promotions and sales
  • Weekly store coupons automatically load to your account
  • Exclusive national coupons powered by Google

To kick off this new program, we’re giving away a free reusable grocery bag just for signing up (while supplies last)! Plus, right now you can earn points toward a free Thanksgiving turkey just for shopping with us. Read more about how you can earn points here.

To learn more about Macey’s Perks and to sign up online, click here.