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Healthy Snacks On-the-Go

It is that time of year again where we are all running from store to store to make sure we get that perfect deal; but, with all the running around, sometimes meals get pushed back or forgotten. No worries though because we are here to help. We have so many healthy options you can come in and grab to take with you on all your errands to ensure you stay nourished. Come in and pick up these delicious drinks and treats and others today!

  • Fresh Cut Fruit-Perfect for snacking on when you want that pineapple or cantaloupe but can’t cut it up.
  • Apples, Bananas, Oranges-Fresh fruit is the perfect pick-me-up during your shopping.
  • Fresh Farms Mixes-These delicious different dried fruits and trail mixes go nicely in your purse or car and are there for you to snack on all day long.
  • Protein Bars-Not only are these delicious, but they give you good nutrients to help you keep going.
  • Drinks-Whether you are picking up a water, a V8 or any of your other favorite drinks, it will help you stay hydrated throughout the day.

Making the Switch to Macey’s Perks

Plus to Perks. Get your questions answered!

Macey’s is coming to Holladay! We’re excited to announce our Holladay location will officially become a Macey’s on October 16th. To help make the transition easy for you, we’ve moved all your points, wallet credits, and coupons from your PLUS account to a Macey’s Perks account. The programs work the same and you will be able to continue to use the same phone number for your account.

We know you may have some questions about this change. Check out the FAQ below. If you have any additional questions, If you have any additional questions visit the customer service booth or our website http://maceys.com/perks

Macey’s Perks FAQ

Do I still have a PLUS account? Yes, if you visit any of our other Fresh Market, Dan’s, Dick’s Market or Lin’s you will still have a PLUS account to earn points and wallet credits.

What if I already have a Macey’s Perks account? If you were already a Macey’s shopper and had a Perks account, your PLUS points and wallet balances will be moved and combined with your existing Perks account. Your preferred store will be changed to Holladay. If you want to change this you can login to your Perks account on Macey’s website, http://maceys.com/perks and click on the “Account” tab.

Will I need to create a new user name and password to access digital coupons? Yes, for the Macey’s Holladay location you will access your account at http://maceys.com/perks and need to setup a new user name and password. This will give you access to your Perks points balance, wallet credit, and digital coupons. You can also view all of the offers we have already loaded to your account.

What are the benefits of the Perks program? You get the same great benefits of the PLUS program with your Perks account. You earn 1 point for every $1 spent in the store. Each quarter those points are converted to a wallet credit. The next quarter ends on December 10th. That will be the last day to earn points and all wallet credits will be issued on December 11th. Your wallet credit will be good for 14 days.  In addition to points, you will receive exclusive offers loaded to your Perks account and digital coupons.

Will I receive emails from Macey’s? Yes, now that you have a Macey’s Perks account you will receive weekly emails from maceys@accelimail.com. These emails contain upcoming promotions, weekly ads, and giveaways.

Can I have my points and wallet credits moved back my PLUS account? Yes, if you would like to move your points and/or wallet credits back to Fresh Market email perks@afstores.com with the request.

Everything you want to know about your Kickback Credit!


Think of your Kickback wallet credit as your own in-store credit account. Every time you shop at Kent’s provide your Kickback phone number to earn points. Each point equals $1 spent instore* and your points add up monthly. On the first of each month money will loaded into your Kickback account based on the number of points you accrued the month before.

Here is how easy it is to use your Kent’s Kickback credit.

  • Make sure you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the Kickback program. You can do this by filling out the customer form in store or online. Your wallet credit can’t be used until this happens.
  • Provide the cashier with your Kickback phone number. If you have a Kickback wallet credit the cashier will ask you if you would like to use this credit on this order.
  • You can spend the wallet credit all at one time or just a little at a time. It’s your choice and under your control. Please note that some wallet credits have expiration dates and make sure you have your email in your profile to receive notification of wallet credit.
  • Your Kent’s Kickback wallet credit can be spent on anything in the store except tobacco, alcohol, money orders, fuel, gift cards and prescription.

You can always check your Kickback wallet credit and point balances.

  • Look at the bottom of your receipt – Both your points and kickback balances are listed
  • Go online at kentsgrocery.com/kickbacks and view your balance.

Use our Shopper Radar app to check balances.

KentsKickbacksPoints960x450*excludes the purchase of prescriptions, fuel, money orders, gift cards

Guide to Apples

apple and peach composition isolated on white

Fall is here and the holidays are fast approaching. It’s time to turn on the ovens and start baking. Apples are one of the best fruits to bake with, especially this time of year. No holiday is complete without fresh apple pie, warm apple cider or tasty caramel apples.

Their are many apple varieties and we want to make sure you are using the perfect apples for your holiday baking. We have put together an easy guide to apples to help you narrow down your choices.

Baking: Granny Smith, Honey Crisp, Golden Delicious, Braeburn, Pink Lady

Cider: Gala

Pies: Jonagold, Honey Crisp, Cortland

Caramel Dipped: Pink Lady, Galas, Fuji, Red Delicious, Honey Crisp, Golden Delicious

Happy fall and happy baking!


Build your Basket and Stock Up for School!


It’s time to build your basket and stock up for school.

The best part about doing it today is the savings you’ll receive on the products you love. Right now, when you buy $15 worth of Suave®, Dove or AXE products, you’ll save $5 instantly throughout the month of August! To receive this exclusive discount, all you need to do is sign up to be a rewards member or enter your phone number if you already are. And by registering now, you’ll beat the rush of back-to-school shoppers while keeping some money in your wallet.

While you’re preparing for back to school, teach your kids simple ways to live more sustainable… starting in your bathroom.

Discover ideas and inspiration from Unilever by clicking here.