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10 Tips to Healthy Eating with Kids

Parents know that getting kids to eat healthy is a battle but the dinner table should not be a place of stress. We are here with ten tips to try out in your quest for healthy eating with kids.

  1. Be the leader: It is a known fact that children are observant. They want to be like mom and dad. That crosses over into eating. If you want your kids to eat healthy then be the example for them. Choose the carrot stick over the french fry and your kids will more than likely follow.
  2. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat: Make healthy options consistent in your home. Include them with every meal and have them easily accessible for any quick snack.
  3. Don’t make vegetables negative: Be careful with how you talk about healthy options. Make them something they want to eat instead of need to eat. Vegetables and fruit should not be a box you need to check. Use positive, fun words when talking about it.
  4. Involve kids in making food: Kids like to get their hands in on the action. Let them help you with meal prepping. It is a great time to educate your kids on how to cook and why we eat the variety of foods we eat.
  5. Start their day healthy: Get rid of the sugared cereal for breakfast. When you start your day with a healthy breakfast option you are more likely to eat healthy the rest of the day. Same goes for kids :).
  6. Make it fun: Get creative with your fruits and vegetables by making an activity out of it. Use cookie cutters to make them into fun shapes. Create pictures out of various foods. Come up with creative names for each food. A kid may be more excited to eat a magic wand carrot than a plain carrot stick.
  7. Have patience: Your children may not love fruit and vegetables at first but give them time. Children’s taste buds are still forming as they grow so they are very likely to change the things they like. Just keep promoting healthy options and they may end up being their favorites.
  8. Let them grow: If you can, plant a small backyard garden and have your children help nurture the plants and watch them grow. Kids will be fascinated with the process and will excite them to try out their creations.
  9. Prep healthy snacks: Take time to make healthy snack bags. Place them on the lowest shelf of your fridge or pantry so they are easy to grab for little hands.
  10. Hide and seek: You always want to make sure your children are seeing the healthy options they eat but occasionally use recipes that allow you to hide vegetables in your meals.

Five Tips For Your Happiest Year Yet

It’s a new year and you’re ready to make some improvements. Here is our top five items to consider as you make plans for the all new you.

  1. Eat healthy: A healthy eating plan can cost far less than fast food. (For example, swap out French fries or potato chips for baked potatoes and save big.) Spend plenty of time in our produce department and watch for wholesome natural and organic items throughout the store. Deals and fresh, nutritious food can be had every week and eating healthy may save you thousands in medical bills in the long run.
  1. Explore new flavors: It’s easy to get in a rut as the year goes by. Soon, you’re eating the same meals every week which can be boring and repetitive. (Your taste buds need variety too.) Keep your menu a menagerie of mouthwatering flavors.
  1. Make a budget and stick to it: Do the math. Spend a few minutes and review your regular expenses. Then, dig in and separate your needs from your wants. (This means you must be honest with yourself and really decide what necessities you really need.) Once you have your needs identified, decide how much you can save each month. Then you can budget the fun stuff. Vacations, dining out, recreational toys, etc. may all be part of your annual plan, but should come in the right priority.
  1. Exercise regularly: On average, Americans spend about $8,000 annually on health care. Experts say more than half the costs are the result of lifestyle choices. Exercising three times a week for 20 minutes a day can decrease prescription costs by as much as 70 percent and medical costs by up to 30 percent.
  1. Be happy and thankful: Having a positive mental attitude can make all the difference. Not one of us ever has a year without challenges. However, if we take the right approach, we will realize our lives are almost always more than half full.

Kid Friendly Baking Tips

Baking is the perfect pastime during the holidays. The house smells great and the treats are delicious. Sometimes though, the kids get curious which can make a quick recipe take a lot longer. Here are some tips to help you bake that delicious treat while letting your little ones help out.

  1. Keep the recipe simple-Kids will stay more focused if the recipe is quick and easy. Make sure the ingredients are few and the preparing is simple and fun.
  2. Make it a game-Whether it is cutting shapes out of your dough or rolling out the dough, see who can do it the best or the fastest. This will keep your little ones attention on the task at hand.
  3. Make it a design-Make your baking masterpiece into a design. Witch’s hats, a smiley face or any other design you can think of will keep your kid smiling and they will love to help create it.
  4. Let them do it themselves-Find a recipe where everything is already made and let your kid do the assembling themselves. They will be so proud to show you what they have done.

These recipes incorporate these tips and are sure to keep your kid smiling.

Peach Cobbler

Mini Pumpkin Pies

Witch Hats

Spider Cupcakes

Donut Sundaes


It’s time for spring cleaning!

With warmer weather it’s time to open the windows, let in the fresh air and start your spring cleaning. This time of year our homes need more than vacuuming, sweeping and dusting. Now is a great time to organize closets, dust the blinds and clean the garage.

Here are a few ideas to add to your spring cleaning list:

-Clean light fixtures and replace bulbs

-Wash walls, baseboards, and door knobs

-Empty the coat closet

-Clean stove top and oven

-Wash windows and screens

-Touch up the ceiling fans

Make a realistic check list so you can mark off those assignments as they are finished. Choose one room at a time to arrange, deep clean and organize.

Before you start your spring cleaning projects make sure you have all of the supplies:

-Wood Polish

-Glass Cleaner

-Paper Towels

-Dusting Spray

-Boxes/Trash Bags

-Cloths, Micro fiber or dish towels

All of these items can be found at any of our locations and remember to check the weekly ad for additional savings. Get ready to start tackling those cleaning projects you have been putting off during the cold winter days.

5 Tips for Food Storage

It’s our favorite time of year, case lot sale! And you know what that means, it’s time to stock up in the pantry and beef up your food storage until March 11 or while supplies last. Now is the perfect time to find the best deals on the key items you use each day, as well as the items you hope you’ll never have to use if there’s an emergency.


Here’s five tips to help you with your food storage:

  1. It’s recommended that you have the food staples—like flour, sugar, eggs, oats and dried milk for cooking and baking. Be sure to get these in dried or canned for long-term storage. We have a great variety of Augason farm and Western family canned products that are perfect!
  2. Be practical and buy foods you already eat. Don’t forget your canned fruits and veggies.
  3. Rotate items from your food storage, checking expiration dates. It is recommended that you use items from food storage to keep items from going to waste. Check and rotate each month to be sure you’re not letting good food go bad.
  4. Become familiar with the food storage items you buy and have recipes that use those ingredients. (This will also help with food storage rotation.)
  5. If possible, keep your storage in a place like a basement that has minimal light, moisture and heat. Its recommended that food storage is kept at 70 degrees.
We hope these tips help keep your food storage stocked and ready to go! Happy Shopping!

Get ready to stock up and save!

This pretty smiling blonde is either putting away canned food or reaching for it in her kitchen cabinets. The food labels are dummies made by the photographer.

The STOCK UP & SAVE SALE is here and it’s time to get organized. Make it a New Year’s resolution to take time to rearrange and clean up your pantry to be stocked. Here are three steps to get your pantry clean and organized:

1.Clean it Out!

First thing you will want to do is get everything out of your pantry. Take every last can out so you can see what you have and then you can start sorting your items. Separate your items into four categories: things you use every day, things you use occasionally, things you want to donate and things you need to trash.

2. Clean Up!

Now that your pantry is empty, take advantage of it and wipe down all your shelves. Getting rid of the crumbs and dust will make your pantry feel ten times more organized. Take a damp cloth over all your shelves and then let them dry completely before you begin restocking.

3. Stock it!

Visit Macey’s and purchase everything you need from our Stock Up & Save sale.  See our ad here for all our great savings. Now that you have your food, let the organization begin. Separate your pantry in zones; this is the best way to make sure you won’t be dealing with unorganized chaos in a few months. Start by putting all your baking items in one section, breakfast items in another, lunch items in another, etc. Organizing by meals will A) make meal prep more simple and B) keep your pantry organized. Another zone you may want to include is a snack zone. Make your snack zone easy to access so your smaller family members will be able to reach and they won’t need to go ripping through your organized shelves searching for their favorite snack.

We hope these steps help you get your pantry in perfect order to stock up & save.


Food Storage Club July 2016 Newsletter

Asian Family spending time together in the kitchen
READY TIP:  Food Storage with Limitless Versatility

Emergency Readiness:  We all know the virtues of storing food for emergencies. And since everyone is going to have a time in his or her life when stored food will be helpful to one degree or another, it only makes sense to build that storage when the savings are the greatest.

Well, this is one of those times.

Everyday & On-the-Go Meals:  The primary virtue of long term food storage items is their easy-to-prepare feature, making them the preferred items for emergencies where the ability to cook meals may be impossible. To make a delicious entrée, for example, simply add hot water and allow it to simmer.

This feature also makes these meals perfect for outdoor activities and camping trips. It includes breakfasts, entrées, vegetables, fruits, sauces, protein, milk and snacks.

BIG IN-STORE SAVINGS:  Live Prepared and Augason Farms Savings

To enable our valued customers to benefit from these features, Maceys is going two ways this month on food storage by teaming up with Augason Farms and Live Prepared. On one hand, they are offering a special on Live Prepared products, and the other, a separate special on Augason Farms products.

Check out this month’s in-store specials:

Live Prepared Savings

For those who prefer their food storage in convenient pouches and an easy-to-prepare method that takes all the work and hassle out of meal preparation, we suggest our sumptuous line of Live Prepared products.

With the purchase of $50 worth of any of your preferred Live Prepared Products, we offer this free Live Prepared backpack that can be used for “bugout” emergencies or for camping and hiking. You can get one for each family member. Fill it with needful food and other supplies to see you through a temporary evacuation, away from your home or for fun in the out-of-doors. You just “grab it and go.”

In addition, Live Prepared offers useful emergency and camping tools, items for shelter, water storage and treatment implements, first aid articles and energy items for heating and cooking. All these hard goods are thoughtfully provided for you by Live Prepared.

Delicious Live Prepared Meals Now Available at Maceys: Pasta Marinara with Beef | Cheesy Broccoli & Rice | Stroganoff with Pasta & Beef | Pasta Alfredo with Chicken

Augason Farms Savings

This month, we’re highlighting fruit products, which as you know, provide essential nutrients in an emergency situation. Also when it comes to versatility, freeze-dried fruits double as a delicious everyday snack and a fabulous addition to granola for the perfect trail mix. Augason Farms offers a great deal for the fruit products from Maceys (strawberries, bananas, blueberries, apples, raspberries or pineapple). Buy any of the two fruit products, mixing and matching as you prefer, and we’ll toss in a free can of Granola!

Delicious Fruits Now Available at Maceys: Strawberries | Bananas | Blueberries | Apples |  Raspberries | Pineapple