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Ten Tailgating Tips

Here are ten tailgating tips to make you a tailgating champ.

  1. Foods that can be eaten with your hands work best for tailgating. Think chicken, tacos, hamburgers, pulled-pork sandwiches, brats, kebabs, burritos . . . the list could go on and on. Regardless, simple, delicious foods allow you to focus on fun and be less concerned with complicated recipes.
  2. If you tailgate often, develop a checklist and laminate it. (Lamination will protect it from rain, snow, beverages and tears of opposing fans.) Or, use one of many checklist apps to ensure you never forget a much-needed item during your parking-lot party.
  3. You’re about to sit in a potentially sun-filled stadium packed with people on a chair that may or may not be comfortable. Sit in style pre game by packing portable seating and some shade. Camp chairs come in all shapes and sizes and most fit easily in your trunk. Canopies are easy to set up and simple to store. Plus, you can almost certainly find them in your team colors.
  4. Perform pre-game prep. Chop, slice, and assemble whatever you can beforehand. Store all of your food in waterproof, plastic bags or disposable plasticware. Both allow for maximum storage usage in your coolers. The more you pack in disposable containers, the less you’ll have to lug home or clean. When possible, use several smaller containers, rather than one large one, so you can take only as much as you need out of the cooler and keep the rest cold.
  5. Make it portable. Assemble materials in containers that are easy to carry. Smart tailgaters gather items in containers like toolboxes or storage bins. Condiments and utensils can be stored in empty six-pack containers. Coolers are important. Use at least two—one for food, one for drinks.
  6. Food safety is important, especially outside. Have a cold food cooler and a drink cooler. Drink coolers will be opened more frequently, so separate coolers allow food to stay cold longer.
  7. Instead of using bags of ice, use frozen water bottles. The bottles will make less mess in the cooler and you’ll have perfectly chilled drinks as they thaw.
  8. Keep it hot. When food needs to be kept warm, turn a cooler into a hotbox. Warm bricks in the oven, wrap them in foil and place in a cooler lined with wet towels. This will keep your food warm for 2-3 hours.
  9. Keep it short. Don’t let food sit out for more than two hours. If it’s really hot outside, (over 90 degrees) don’t let food sit out for more than an hour.
  10. Don’t hesitate to rely on your teammates. Our store can be an important part of your tailgating tribe. With meat and cheese trays, fresh-cut fruit and veggies, deliciously portable desserts and more, we have all the solutions you need to celebrate another successful season.

Macey’s Tailgater Box





Macey’s tailgater box is the perfect companion to any event! Grab a box at any Macey’s location for just $9.99!  The box includes a whole variety of snacks that everyone is sure to love.

Included in the box is:

  • One bag of Santitas tortilla chips
  • One jar of Tostitos mild salsa
  • One bag of Clover Club sour cream and onion chips
  • One bag of Traditional Chex Mix
  • One box of Nabisco cheese nips
  • One box of Keebler Rainbow chips deluxe cookies
  • One 8-pack of Reese’s peanut butter cups
  • One bag of Jack Links beef jerky
  • One liter of Diet coke

Cheer on your favorite team with a satisfied stomach!  Whether you’re at the stadium or watching the game in your living room, we’ve got you covered!


Win BYU Tickets or a $50 Macey’s Gift Card

KSL image

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