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Win a free grill!

The warm weather is here and it’s time to light up those grills! Summer is not complete without gatherings of friends and family around deliciously grilled meals.

This summer you can win a FREE Char-Broil 4-burner propane grill with every $25 purchase using your Macey’s Perks account. Earn entries June 12th-June 29th, 2017. Winners will be selected and notified via phone or email by July 1st just in time for your Independence Day celebrations.

Happy grilling!

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Free Pancakes with De Wafelbakkers

As Summer is starting, we are always looking for ways to get a delicious breakfast quickly so we can enjoy the warm weather. De Wafelbakkers helps us do just that! Their pancakes are ready to go so you can heat them up and enjoy! They are packed with whole ingredients to provide a quality experience every time. From now through June 30, come in and buy two De Wafelbakkers products using your rewards phone number and be entered to win free pancakes for a year! Breakfast could be a breeze for a whole year so come in today!

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Clean Your Grill Like a Pro

Spring and early summer are a great time to grill. Make sure your succulent steaks or killer kabobs come from a well-maintained grill by following these easy tips:

  1. Remove the grates and clean both sides with hot, soapy water.
  2. Remove and clean the metal barriers over the burners and below the grates to remove drippings, grease, and other debris.
  3. Brush the inside of the grill. Loosen and dispose of any debris. Remove stubborn stains with a steel wool pad.
  4. Turn on the burners and check the flame with the grates and barriers removed. If needed, turn off the burners and clean them with a pipe cleaner to remove any blockages that may prevent even flame distribution.
  5. Clean out or replace the drip pan.
  6. Wipe down the exterior of the grill.
  7. Replace each part and let smoke burn off any residue on high heat for 10 minutes (or until the smoke clears) before using the grill again.

Now that your grill is clean its ready to cook some delicious food. Check out these great grilling recipes.

Steak Fajita Kabobs

Grill Balsamic Peaches

Cajun Grilled Baby Back Ribs

Build A Better S’more

Everybody loves a classic s’more, especially when roasting it with family and friends around a fire. S’mores are perfect for camping, the beach, the backyard and can even be made over the stove or in the microwave in a pinch. Graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow is the perfect combo, but have you ever tried mixing it up? Here are five gourmet s’more combos that will have your mouth watering. So grab your roasting stick, your goodies, and your pals and get roasting!

Cookies & Cream: Oreo cookies, marshmallow, cookies & cream candy bar.

PB Delight: Graham cracker, marshmallow, peanut butter cup

Hawaiian Delight: Graham cracker, marshmallow, almond joy

Double Chocolate: Chocolate chip cookie, marshmallow, chocolate syrup, chocolate bar

Hazelnut treat: Chocolate Graham cracker, marshmallow, Nutella, caramel sauce

Summer Price Lock


We want you to have the best summer ever which is why we’ve locked down prices on the items you use the most for our summer low price lock. Available now until September 6, check out all of the items listed below.

Low Price Lock is our seasonal price program that locks down prices on the items you use the most. The prices are changed out every 8 weeks and follow the seasons winter, spring, summer and fall and holiday.

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Summer Food Storage

This is the month of celebrations, fireworks, picnics and parades as we recall the wisdom and patriotism of our founding fathers, as well as the fortitude and determination of the pioneers who pushed westward to forge this great nation, from East to West. It was their vision and hard labor that helped make America the great nation it is today.

With their own hands, those hearty people produced all that they ate. But more importantly, they knew the value of storing some of that food for winter and for emergencies. So in addition to those things they needed on a daily basis, those hearty souls stockpiled enough to see themselves through the “hard times,” a practice we have almost completely abandoned in our day and age.

Thanks to modern food production, most of us don’t grow and store our own food. We have great Macey’s supermarkets that provide us all we could ever want or need in the way of food. For that reason, we have ample for our needs at all times.

Over time, the great abundance we enjoy has allowed us to forget the wise practice that served our forefathers so well. We’ve forgotten how important it is to store food against hard times, shortages and disasters. This is a reality with which our forefathers lived, one we have mostly abandoned. Yet, it’s still a reality today, as anyone who has been trapped in a crisis will tell you. Natural and manmade disasters happen all the time.

But Macey’s hasn’t forgotten this vital lesson. Not by a long shot. Along with everything else we offer you, we include important food storage items on our shelves for your convenience. Like all our other fine offerings, we stock only the best in emergency food products from Augason Farms and National Geographic Live Prepared.

We know how important a supply of emergency food and gear is, even in our modern world. So we include them in our stores in hopes that our customers will take advantage of the lessons our forefathers learned in everyday life: Have enough food on hand, in your home, to see you through hard times, temporary shortages and disasters—natural or manmade.

At Macey’s, we take our job seriously. We have your welfare at heart. We feel it’s our obligation to see that we offer only the finest products for you and your family.

For that reason, we not only stock the best of practically everything you need in the way of food, but we also stock the best in food storage. That’s why we offer the fine products from Augason Farms and National Geographic Live Prepared.

Life turns on a dime. We at Macey’s know that emergencies can and do happen, though we hope it won’t happen to you. We know you might have to depend upon what you can find on your cupboard shelves at home. That’s why we urge you to include emergency food storage in your family budget.

What if the time came when you couldn’t get to a Macey’s? The solution to such a dire situation is food storage in your home. And the best food storage comes from Augason Farms and Live Prepared.

So this month, let’s pledge our allegiance to the memory of our forefathers and the legacy they left us. For your well-being and peace of mind, Macey’s, Augason Farms and National Geographic Live Prepared suggest you keep a supply of food storage on hand at home to see you and your loved ones through in any crisis.

Homemade Rootbeer

Homemade Root Beer


Makes 4 Gallons


2 oz. McCormick Root Beer Concentrate

4 lbs. C&H White Sugar

5 lbs. Dry Ice

4 Gallons of Cold Water

5 Gallon Container

Directions: Place cold water in your container, leaving several inches of space at the top. The cooler the water, the more carbon dioxide from the dry ice will dissolve in the water, giving the root beer more fizz. Add the sugar, stirring until it’s dissolved. Then add the root beer concentrate. Wearing gloves, very carefully, add the dry ice. Dry ice is extremely cold and must not touch bare skin. Once you have added the ice wait for the root beer solution to bubble. Leave uncovered and allow batch to process for approximately 20 minutes or until dry ice dissipates.

national geographic backpack

Say “Hello” to Summer with Live Prepared Products

national geographic backpack

Summer is upon us. It’s time to enjoy all those fun, out-of-doors activities. So, Macey’s wants to help you make the most of your leisure, outdoor time.

Of course, you’re going to need food and gear for those outside adventures. We at Macey’s suggest you take along the great products from Live Prepared. They’re created by the same people who manufacture those great Augason Farms food storage products you use and love. You’ll find them in the same aisle in all our great Macey’s stores.

Last month we looked at ways to make outdoor adventures more fun and less hassle. Well, there’s still more to tell about Live Prepared and how this product line, offered by Macey’s, can make it so.

For example, Live Prepared, in partnership with National Geographic (yes, the magazine people famous for exploring exciting and unusual venues and activities, worldwide) offer a useful line of tools for outdoor camping and meal preparation. These include things like a mini kit with a stove, pot, knife and matches for cooking those great Live Prepared quick and tasty meals, as well as a 6-in-1 utensil kit to eat them with.

Along with their great meal kits, Live Prepared offers a variety of handy tools and supplies—gear designed specifically for out-of-doors use: emergency ponchos, blankets, sleeping bags, tents, tri-fold shovels, matches, Hexamine fuel tablets for cooking and magnesium fire starters for quickly building a fire. They also offer unique and handy 8-in-1 whistle flashlights that every camper should have at hand.

To carry all that gear, Live Prepared also offers a practical and handy backpack. So, what are you waiting for?

As you make plans to enjoy the out-of-doors, remember that we’ve got you covered. The emergency supplies from Live Prepared, featured at Macey’s, double as food and gear for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities.

Dual use—having one set of supplies for both outdoor activities and emergency storage—makes great budgeting sense, too. There’s no need to have separate supplies, one for emergency food storage and another for camping, hiking or any outdoor activity. Live Prepared has specifically designed products that are ideal for both. Because Macey’s recognizes this distinct advantage, we offer these fine dual-use products.

Plus, using meals and gear from your food storage for out-of-doors activities is a practical way to keep your emergency supplies in tip-top shape. Using a little here and there, that you can then replace with new stock, will let you refresh your emergency stores periodically, keeping it up to date.

Another advantage to dual use is the skill you gain with preparation. Nothing teaches like experience. So using these vital food and gear items out on the trail or out in the wild will come in handy if you ever find yourself in a crisis situation where you’re forced to use them just to survive.

As we pointed out last month, there is no better way to make those outdoor fun times even better than with those great food storage products and gear from Live Prepared. They were also designed to go along with summer activities by making meal time a snap, as well as a treat.

Naturally, you can find them at Macey’s, where our customers’ needs are our foremost consideration.

Watermelon Shark


Do you have a craving for watermelon? If you do, we have the perfect thing for you. First, you’ll need to find the perfect watermelon. If you’re nervous about finding the perfect melon, ask one of our produce experts.  Continue by pulling out your creativity and following the directions below.  Not only will this satisfy your craving, it’s also perfect for a party or an summer snack for the kids.

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S’mores Packs are Back


Looking for a great deal on your favorite summer treat? Adults and children love S’mores and they’re always a fun tradition during summer gatherings and camping trips.

Stop by any of our locations and pick up a S’mores bundle pack available all summer long! Everything you need to create your favorite marshmallow treat for one low price.

All for $7 you get:

1- Hershey’s 6 pack Milk Chocolate Bars

1- Western Family 16 oz. package marshmallows

1- Western Family 16 oz. Graham Crackers

1- Marshmallow 3 prong roasting stick