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Plan the Perfect Picnic

Picnics are a must now that the weather is warming up and the grass is greening. Everyone loves a good picnic because it involves food, family & friends and fresh spring air.

Plan the perfect picnic with five tips that will ensure everyone has a good time.

  1. Simple Menu: Picnics are enjoyed when the food is equally delicious and simple. Pack all your family favorite foods like sandwiches, chips, fresh fruit, drinks and treats.
  2. Location: Location is just as important as the food. Make sure you pick a picnic spot that is shaded for eating but also sunny for when the food is gone and it’s time to play. A neighborhood park is perfect for kids so they can eat and then burn off energy on the playground or in the fields of green. Make sure your picnic spot has on-site amenities (restrooms).
  3. Seating Needs: Depending on location you will need to figure out your seating needs. If your location has tables don’t forget a tablecloth. If your planning on a more traditional picnic remember blankets, lawn chairs or mats for your family to sit on.
  4. Keep it cool: Make sure your food stays cool for the warm spring & summer days with an insulated cooler. No one likes warm sandwiches or fruit 🙂
  5. Have fun: Picnics are a great way to make memories during the warm months of the year. Plan fun games to play while the family is eating or after. And don’t forget your camera to capture these happy moments.

Cook the Perfect Steak


How to cook the perfect steak

Have you ever wondered how the experts make their experts make their steaks taste so good?

A big part of it is choosing the right cuts and the right quality. Certified Angus Beef ® always has lots of delicious marbling, which provides flavor, tenderness and juiciness so you know you are getting the very best at Macey’s with Certified Angus Beef®.

As far as cooking goes, there are a few simple secrets that will help make you the king (or queen!) of the grill!

Follow these easy steps to sizzling success:

S – Start with a hot grill (500-550˚F. is ideal). Searing beef helps lock in its delicious juices.

T – Turn steaks gently with tongs or a spatula; never pierce them with a fork.

E – Ensure juiciness by flipping steaks only once.

A – Assess doneness with an instant-read thermometer.

K – Keep food safety in mind. Thoroughly wash anything that comes in contact with raw meat.

S – Set steaks aside to rest a few minutes before serving, to keep the juices inside.

That’s it – six easy steps to steak perfection!

Happy Shopping® and happy grilling.