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Fun and simple teacher and neighbor gifts

“Mele Kalikimaka” Add a festive  bow to a  pineapple and suddenly  you’ve got an easy,  tropical gift.

“Our neighborhood would crumble without you.” Our made fresh in-store Beehive cookies come in the perfect bags for gifts!

“HAPPY HOLIDAYS!” Extra batteries are always needed during the holidays – add a bow and they make a fun simple gift!

“You’re the syrup to our pancakes.” Grab a box of Kodiak Cakes and a fun syrup and viola instant neighbor gift!

“Hope your holidays are the bomb.” Cosset bath bombs and salts are made locally, right here in Salt Lake! They make a perfect gift.

“Have a HOLLY jolly  Christmas.” This fun  plant makes any room  and  little more festive and can be kept long after  the holiday season.

“Wishing you MEGA happiness this  holiday season”Grab a big box of popcorn, an even bigger bow and a Megaplex gift card and you’ve got a great gift.

“Rockin’ around the Christmas tree” This mini holiday tree comes  with cupcake  ornaments and  makes a  fun and unique gift.

“Warm wishes this holiday season” Grab a fun  hot chocolate mix, add a bow and a fun card and  you’ve got an instant gift.

“You’re getting muffin for Christmas” Grab a  Lehi Roller Mills (a local Utah product) muffin mix, add a whisk and tie it together with a bow!

“Cookies for Santa” Combine a cookie mix, a cookie cutter and some frosting and you’re giving the gift of some fun Christmas kitchen memories.

“Hope your holidays are Poppin” Pip pop popcorn is popped right here in Utah. This popcorn is not  only delicious, but also gluten free and non-GMO.

Quick & Easy Neighbor Gifts

Woman knocks on front door to deliver Christmas gifts to a neighbor or family member.

Spread the joy of the holiday season to your neighbor and friends with simple and delicious gifts you can buy while shopping at Macey’s. We have some amazing deals right now that are sure to delight your wallet and your neighbors.

Here are some great ideas:


  • Give a beautifully packaged gift box.
  • Create a orange wreath with cellophane  and bows.
  • Happy Holidays! Orange you glad we are neighbors? We are!

Hot Cocoa:

  • Simply place a bow on top of the canister or packaging and tada!
  • Warmest wishes this holiday season!
  • Baby it’s cold outside! So stay warm this holiday season!

Sparkling Cider:

  • Wishing you a sparkling holiday season!
  • We wish you a “sparkly” Christmas!

Baked goods:

  • You’re the best thing since sliced bread! Merry Christmas!
  • Wrap gift with “Baked with Love” tag.
  • We made this sweet treat for you to eat! Happy Holidays!

These are just a few simple ideas for your neighbor gifts.

Neighbor Gifts for the Holidays

Are you wanting to give your neighbors gifts but just aren’t quite sure what to get them? We have some ideas for you! You can pick these up at any of our stores!


Hot Cocoa or Cider

Your neighbors will appreciate the kinda gesture during these cold months and it is sure to be something they will use right up. Even add a stick of cinnamon or some marshmallows on the side to spice it up!

Click here to see our delicious flavors.


Western Nut Company Nuts

Nuts are a great snack the whole family can share. Your neighbors will be singing your praises when they receive these from you. Grab an assortment of nuts  to really get them excited!


Oranges and Citrus Wreaths

Grab a pack of oranges or clementines today to give to your neighbors. They will love the healthy option among the rest of the treats. Try wrapping the oranges in plastic wrap and tie ribbons between each orange to make a fun, festive holiday wreath!

Save on oranges this week! Click here for details.

Click here to find a location near you to start purchasing these delicious holiday neighbor gifts!