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Spring Stock Up with Augason Farms

After a long winter of hunkering down and staying inside, springtime is always so welcome! It’s all about fresh starts and cleaning out all those corners in your house. With spring cleaning in the air and on your mind, Augason Farms is offering an exciting case-lot sale for the month of March. It’s perfect timing for you to rotate out your older food storage and start fresh. If you haven’t started your emergency food storage, now is the perfect time to do so—start now by finding the perfect storage spot in your basement/storage room/garage.

Our case lot sale features 29 products that we consider to be key items for any food or pantry storage stockpile, and we’d like to feature some of our best selling products in this newsletter.

72 Hour 1-Person Emergency Supply Kit

This kit is an amazing value! Geared toward short-term survival, this 72-hour emergency food and gear kit includes delicious favorites for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, like Hearty Vegetable Chicken Soup, Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal and Banana Chips. It also comes with carefully selected survival gear including:

  • FireOn Fuel Disk (5 pack)
  • Waterproof Matches (1 box)
  • 2-Quart Aluminum Kettle
  • 2-Cup Plastic Measuring Cup
  • First Aid Kit (53 piece)
  • Water Filtration Bottle
  • Multi-Functional Camping Tool
  • 7-in-1 Survival Tool
  • Portable Folding Stove

With so many great meal options and all the emergency gear you need at such a great price, it’s easy to stock up and keep one or more in your home, office, car, boat or cabin. Consider it affordable disaster preparedness insurance.

Food Storage Staples

After you’ve gotten your 72 hours kits in place for each member of your family, it can seem overwhelming to know where you should start adding more to your emergency food storage. A good place is start is with the basics like Augason Farms Rolled Oats and Hard White Wheat. All of these items are great staples—they have long shelf lives and are featured in our case lot sale this month.

*Also, we are extending a special offer to all of our customers this month. When you buy one bag of Adolphus Rice, you’ll save $1 on butter.

Not Your Average Powdered Milk Products

Along with your staples like hard white or red wheat, powdered milks are a must-have product for anyone who’s looking to have good storage. With a 25-year shelf life, Morning Moo’s powdered milk (both low fat and chocolate are featured in the case lot sale) is ideal for everyday use or long-term food storage. These whey-based beverages look and taste like milk, with calcium and added vitamins comparable to 2% milk. It is recommended to serve cold if possible. Our Morning Moo’s Lowfat Chocolate Milk Alternative makes a delicious chocolate beverage and is fortified with Vitamins A and D. Stock up on your favorite flavor while it’s on sale!

Dried Fruit: A Family Favorite

Our Freeze Dried Sliced Strawberries and Sweetened Banana Slices are both family favorites that are so versatile. Throw them in a bag with our Granola for a quick and delicious trail mix, add them to your cereal for more vitamins or eat on its own when you’ve got a sweet tooth. You can’t go wrong with Augason Farm’s fruits.

The best part is, when you buy Augason Farms’ products, you are choosing to purchase high quality products that you can feel good about. We are proud to provide our customers with solutions for long-term storage, short-term emergency preparedness, easy-to-prepare foods for daily enjoyment and delicious meals for outdoor adventures.

Say hello to March with Unilever savings!

The month of March has many things to smile about: warmer weather, first day of Spring, St. Patrick’s Day, Daylight Savings and of course March Madness.

While you are busy keeping your eyes on the basketball court this season we’ve got you covered with savings to take care of your home court. Throughout the whole month of March save on Unilever personal care products made for men.

Save $3.00 instantly when you buy $10.00 worth of participating Unilever personal care products for men. Offer valid March 1-31, 2017.

So hurry in today for great savings and then get back to watching the game!

Food Storage Club Newsletter- March 2016

Asian Family spending time together in the kitchen

Macey’s is well aware of the value of home food storage for emergencies. After all, we are in the grocery business. We know how important food is.

It’s our experience that every home should be prepared with specially designed, long-term food storage items for local emergencies. You never know when or why they might be needed.

We are also aware that it’s sometimes hard to get motivated about storing food, even though almost everyone agrees that it’s important to be prepared for any contingency.

So, Macey’s and Augason Farms have teamed up this month to make it easier than ever to get started on your food storage or to improve upon what you already have.

We’ve identified some basic food storage items, and we’ve set a phenomenally low price on each of them during Case Lot from February 29-March 14.

Here are a few examples and staples to help you get started:

  • Free Live Prepared item. When you buy any two Augason Farms food storage items during case lot, you will also receive a free item from the National Geographic Live Prepared line of emergency preparedness items. These tools will come in handy in any emergency situation. Look for details by our Augason Farms display at Macey’s.
  • Augason Farms 1-week pantry pack. This pack is designed to provide quick and easy meals for one person for one week. Easily prepare these pouches just by adding hot water. These pouches are also great for camping, backpacking and other outdoor activities. This pantry pack comes in a tote that is easy to store under bed for those that don’t have a lot of store space. Retail is only $39.99 during Case Lot, that’s a savings of $31.11!
  • Augason Farms emergency pails. The first pail, the 72-Hour, 1-Person, Emergency Kit Pail, is designed to supply the needs of one person for three days. This is $29.99 with discount at register. The other pail, 12-Day-Emergency-Food-Supply, Basic 4-Gallon Pail, is loaded with food to supply the needs of four people for three days or one person for twelve days. This pail is $59.99 with discount at register. These pails are perfect to grab on your way out the door to ensure you avoid hunger and deprivation during an emergency evacuation.


Trust Macey’s and Augason Farms to give you excellent value for your food storage dollar as well as outstanding quality.