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Win a New iPad!

Be entered to win a new iPad when you download the new Lin’s app! Simply download the app, click on the iPad banner within the app and fill out the entry form. Contest ends Sunday, July 2.

With the Lin’s app you will have access to all of Lin’s wonderful offerings from one convenient location. In the app you will be able to access digital coupons, weekly ads, recipes and online shopping. You’ll also be able to create shopping lists and view your rewards account. To see more about our app click here.

Lin’s App Coming Soon!

What’s h(APP)ening now at Lin’s? Our new mobile app! Complete with digital coupons, weekly ads, recipes, online shopping and more, this app will truly put Lin’s at your fingertips. Look for the Lin’s app in the App Store and Google Play on Monday, June 19 where you’ll also have a chance to win a new iPad.

Plus Rewards Jeep Giveaway Winner

Tasha Lovewell drove away with a new Jeep Wednesday thanks to Lin’s, Coca-Cola and Larry H. Miller Sandy. She was randomly selected from more than 51,000 entries gathered through our Plus rewards program. Guests were entered to win by purchasing $15 in Coca-Cola products during January and February and using their Plus rewards account during the transaction.

Tasha and her husband Jay traveled from St. George to pick up their new car during a special celebration at the dealership. Congratulations, Tasha!

Win a free washer and dryer

Everyone has laundry and many dread the wash days that seem to be increasingly frequent. We get it! It is endless and the folding can be downright torture. Those mounds of clean clothes seem to get joy out of the hours of folding agony they bring.

Unfortunately, we don’t sell magic folding machines or offer maids for hire, but we do have a few deals and freebies to make your wash day bearable.

This week, get a FREE laundry basket when you purchase six participating Arm & Hammer or Oxi Clean products. We know you need another laundry basket to keep those mounds of clothes off the floor. To see the great deals we have on Arm & Hammer and Oxi products visit our weekly ad.

Join us on Facebook for two Ultimate Wash Day giveaways: 1. Comment to win a $50 gift card. This is the perfect chance to stock up on laundry supplies without costing you a dime. Click to add your comment here. 2. You can also enter to win a… drum roll please… a brand-new top-loading washer and dryer. Let the bearable wash day begin! Click here to see our post and enter to win.

Happy winning!


Five Tips to Help Make Dinner Quick and Healthy


Fantastic Dinner Tips


Do you wish you had more time to make healthy, delicious meals for the whole family? Well, with a little planning, you can! These five tips are easy to execute and will save you an enormous amount of time when it comes to preparing dinner.


1. Create a meal plan – This sounds simple right? You would be amazed at how taking the time to plan your weekly meals will save you from trying to come up with ideas on the fly. Trying to shop the grocery aisles searching for meal solutions while the kids are fussy is no easy task. If you dedicate some time to plan ahead, you can get your shopping done faster because you already know what you need. The meal plan can be as simple as writing it on a piece of paper or creating a running calendar that contains meals that you rotate through. Another great use for a meal plan is the ability to keep things fresh. If you take 30 minutes to plan out your meals, you can find new recipes to try that include ingredients you might not typically use.


2. Prep on the weekend – Picture this, you get home from your busy day, put dinner in the oven and go enjoy some time the kids while it cooks. This is possible! All you need to do is spend a few hours on the weekend prepping your weekly meals to save a lot of time during the week. Put together two or three meals ahead of time so all you have to do is heat them up. The workload up front might seem intimidating but the time saved for you to enjoy more fun things is definitely worth it. If you don’t want to make all of the meals in one day, prepping the night before is a real time-saver too. Cut up your veggies, make your sauce and assemble what you can to make it easier for you when you get home. It’s all about saving time!


3. Leftovers are your friend – Where is the rule that says you need to have a different meal every night? Leftovers are an easy way to knock out two meals in the same week. Sometimes, leftover meals are even better the next day! If the meal is good, why wouldn’t you want to eat it again? The only thing to take into account if you are planning leftovers is to make enough to have another meal. This works well with lasagna, casseroles and meatloaf, for example. If you don’t want the same meal on back-to-back days, save it for a few days later. Another great use for leftovers is making them a whole new meal. Say you made tacos on Monday, use the taco meat on Wednesday and throw it in some pasta. It’s a whole new meal without starting from scratch.


4. Cook all of your meat at once – Instead of browning one pound of hamburger for your meal, brown a few pounds and save it for other meals that week or freeze it. The same concept goes for chicken, bake a few pounds at a time and use it for salads, casseroles or soups. Another bonus of buying meat in bulk is it saves you money.


5. Clean as you go – An easy tip for streamlining the cooking process is cleaning as you go. Don’t wait to do the sink full of dishes at the end, wash them while your meal is browning or baking. This sounds simple but you would be surprised at how often it is overlooked. Any downtime between cooking stages can easily be used to get ahead. If you do this, by the time the meal comes out of the oven, the kitchen is already cleaned. You’ll feel a small victory just by taking this easy approach to cleaning.


Planning ahead is the key to making life simple during the week. These five tips will help you stay ahead of dinner so you can enjoy the meal with your family. Your family will appreciate it too because they will have new meals to try and more time to spend with you.