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Heart Healthy Foods

As we all know, exercise is the best way to keep your heart healthy, but we are always looking to help our bodies out even more. Below are 5 foods that will help you keep a healthy heart while still enjoying what you eat.

  1. Avocados-Avocados get a bad rap for being “fatty” but in fact, their fat is good! It assists in lowering your bad cholesterol. Avocados can be used to put on crackers, toast, and many other foods in place of butter, or other fatty spreads. Click here for deals on this item!
  2. Salmon-Salmon is rich in omega-3’s which helps your blood flow. Blood flow is extremely important when it comes to heart health for obvious reasons. Keep your heart pumping while eating a delicious entree.
  3. Berries-Berries aren’t just delicious, they also help widen your arteries because of their high level of compounds. Whether you are adding them on top of oatmeal, mixing them in a smoothie, or just eating them plain, they will keep you feeling great! Click here to read about our local produce farmers.
  4. Whole Grains-Whole grains are a great source of dietary fiber. Including dietary fiber in your diet can help lower the risk of heart disease and lower blood cholesterol levels so next time you are picking up some bread, make sure to grab the whole grain bread to keep that heart healthy.
  5. Asparagus-Asparagus has about 5 calories per spear and is packed with benefits. It has fiber, vitamins, and so much more! Whether you are eating asparagus as the side to a fancy meal or as a snack during the day, your heart will thank you! Click here for deals on this item!

Show love with hearts this Valentines Day!

Little girl doing bricolage with grandmother

Everyone has their own way to spread love on Valentine’s Day. Some prefer flowers and chocolates while others prefer balloons and a sweet note. All of these are great ways to celebrate your valentine but nothing says “I love you” like homemade meals and treats. Since a heart is the universal symbol of love we have put together a few simple ideas for you to show love with heart-shaped foods.

-Breakfast in Bed: Create a heart filled breakfast in bed tray by using heart shaped cookie cutters to form heart shaped toast, French toast, eggs or fruit.

-Sandwiches: Use heart cookie cutters to spruce up your lunch time peanut butter and jelly or grilled cheese.

-Pizza: Make dinner time fun with a pizza bar. Shape your crust into small or large heart shapes and decorate your heart with all your favorite toppings. Use mini heart shape cutters to spice up your pepperoni for your pizza.

-Fruit Tray: Cut up all your favorite fruits and form them all into a heart for a healthy valentines snack.

-Baked Goods: After making any of your favorite baked good use a heart shaped cutter to add some love in. Make it a fun activity by adding pink and red frosting and topping it all off with valentine sprinkles.