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Spring Cleaning Your Pantry and Fridge

Though it may not feel like it, spring is just around the corner. That means it’s time to get ready to go through not only your closet, but your pantry and fridge as well. Here are our favorite methods to make your fridge and pantry sparkle.

1.Clean it out!
Cleaning out the fridge is something  you can do section by section or all in one go. Either way you prefer, start with taking everything out and sorting through what is still good to eat, and what is ready to be tossed or recycled. If you’re feeling a little bit extra, sort the remaining food into groups so that it is easier to restock.Similar to the fridge, it is important to take everything out of the pantry. While you are doing so, be sure to sort the food into a “keep” and “discard” pile. Some foods in the pantry tend to go unchecked for quite some time. Remember, the sell-by date is not the only rule to follow. Be sure to do the “smell test” on your spices and oils.

2.Clean it up!
Fun fact: you can use the same technique of mixing water and soap to clean your pantry and fridge. For tougher stains, use baking soda or a mixture of water and vinegar. These methods allow you to avoid using any kind of bleach and are food safe.

Restocking your fridge is the best time to organize it to perfection. Each section of your fridge has a purpose. Be sure to store produce in the humidity drawer, condiments and drinks in the door, leftovers and dairy on the top shelf, and meats and eggs on the bottom shelf for optimal freshness.When restocking your pantry, it is important to find the best storage for each product. It is best to store baking ingredients (i.e. flour and sugar), cereals, granola, and other grains in airtight containers. This will give you the longest shelf life for these items. All other products can be stored in their original containers.

Now that you are an expert on spring cleaning your pantry and fridge, get to it and enjoy it!