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Co-Worker Gift Ideas

What to get co-workers? That is the question every Christmas. Something needs to be given but whether to make it big or small, lots or a little and other questions always come to mind. We are here to tell you though that we have compiled the perfect list of co-worker gifts that are sure to be a hit!

Bakery Treats-Who doesn’t love treats, especially from the bakery? Your co-workers will be singing your praises when you bring a bakery treat for them.

Stephen’s Hot Cocoa-A local favorite, Stephen’s Hot Cocoa is sure to warm anyone up this holiday season. Your co-workers can enjoy it at work or take it home. Either way, this gift keeps on giving.

Gift Cards-Gift cards are perfect for that co-worker that you don’t know super well but still need to get something for.  They show you care but leave it open for them to choose.

Candy-Who doesn’t love candy? Grab a couple of the popular candies, tie a bow around them and voila, the perfect gift!

Utah Truffles-A local hit, these are enjoyed by everyone. Co-workers will be asking where to get more when you bring these in.

Choose from the list above and come in and grab them today!

Candy Carnival

Candy Carnival is here! Hershey’s, Just Bom, Ferrara, Tootsie or Trolli 1.06-6.5 oz. only 5/$5, Flipz 5 oz only 99¢, Wonka, SweeTarts or Nerds 14-18 oz only 2/$1, Nestle 5-6 oz. Sweetarts only 4/$5, M&M Mars Standard Bars only 2/88¢ and so much more! While you are in the store, make sure to enter to win a $50 candy shopping spree by filling out an entry form. If you win this $50 shopping spree, you will get to go to the candy aisle and get $50 of any candy you see! How sweet is that? You do not want to miss these savings so hurry in!

Candy Hands


Trick-or-treating just got sweeter.
Are you looking for a fun way to plus up your Halloween trick-or-treating candy, classroom or office gifts? These creepy candy gloves are perfect and only take minutes to prepare!
What you’ll need:

Clear plastic gloves

Candy (some thin and long to fill the fingers)

Ribbion or string


Spinder rings

Fun Halloween treats

Pull gloves open and stuff with candy. Place thin and long candies in the fingers. Add any fun Halloween trinkets or toys until the glove is full. Tie with ribbon or string. Place spider ring on one of the candy fingers. Be creative and clever— find fun Halloween themed candies like chocolate eyeballs to help your make your hands extra creepy.