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Your Holiday One Stop Shop

christmas gift with the red ribbon

The holidays are here and the shopping lists are growing so let us make your celebrations a little easier. At Macey’s we have everything you need for everyone on your list–from the grandparents down to the little ones–we’ve got you covered. Get your holiday gift shopping done while you cross off your grocery list.

Here are just a  few of the great gift ideas we have at Macey’s!

  • Gift Cards: According to parade.com and the National Retail Federation, when asked what they would like for a gift this holiday, six in 10 people replied, “gift cards.”So stop by our store today and pick up a gift you know they will use.2
  • Scratch Made Sugar Cookies: We do all the baking, you and your family do all the decorating! Learn more about our sugar cookies here.maceys_sugarcookiesemail550x175
  • Oranges: Sweet citrus is a great gift idea for all.  Everyone loves oranges at Christmas time. Check out this deal and more on our weekly ad here.
  • Sweets Chocolates: The holidays wouldn’t be complete with Sweets–Orange Sticks, Raspberry Sticks or the grand selection of Sweets bulk candy. They are great for gift giving and make the perfect stocking stuffer. 
  • Stephen’s Hot Chocolate: Keep your family and friends warm this holiday season by giving the gift of warm hot chocolate. Stephen’s Hot Chocolate is a staple for every holiday home.

Happy gifting and happy shopping!

Discover the Benefit to the Bento Box


Packing a healthy lunch for your child can be a challenge. What meal will be both delicious and nutritious? (After all, you don’t want your handmade fruit kabobs being traded for crème-filled snack cakes.)

A solution many parents are using with great success takes a cue from traditional Japanese bento boxes. In its most fundamental form, a bento box is a small compartmentalized container used for holding food. Bento boxes traditionally include a fish or meat, rice and vegetables. However, the many compartments make creativity easy.

Beyond the wonderful artistic presentation, bento boxes offer health benefits including portion control and well-balanced meals. Reusable containers also cut down on waste from sandwich and snack wrappers. Any way you pack it, this fun alternative to peanut butter and jelly is perfect for fussy eaters who prefer food groups remain separate as well as more adventurous eaters who thrive on unique dining experiences.

To achieve the full benefit of a bento box, balance your meal with vegetables, protein and starch. You can also add dairy and fruit to the mix depending on dietary needs. Remember that cookie cutters turn ordinary bread and fruit into smiling faces, butterflies and more. Use olives or grapes for eyes and slivers of red pepper for smiley faces. The options are truly endless. Plus, if last night’s meat balls were a crowd-pleaser, bento boxes are a great way to use leftovers. (Just remember to refrigerate as needed.) Remember kids should eat every color of the rainbow throughout a day to ensure their nutritional needs are met.

Finally, don’t think of bento boxes as merely child’s play. A bento box lunch is the perfect solution to satisfy adult-sized hunger at the office as well.

Caramel Corn Puff Big Deal Box


The holiday season is among us which means fun gatherings with family and friends. You never want to show up empty handed so we put together our Caramel Corn Puff Box to make your life a little easier.

Grab a box today and a stick of butter to whip up a batch  today (see recipe below). Your family and friends will not be disappointed with the delicious treat you bring to share.

All the following items are included for the amazing price of $7.

  • Western Family Brown Sugar 2 lb.
  • Western Family Corn Syrup
  • Western Family Puff Corn (2 packs)
  • Western Family Baking Soda

Grab a box today at any Associated Food Store.

caramel corn puffs

Caramel Apples Made Easy


Caramel Apple Box, a sweet deal for only $7.


Caramel apples are a fun fall tradition that date back to the early 1900’s. William Kolb, a candy maker, is known for creating the first candied apple by experimenting with red cinnamon candy. He placed the apples in his store window and they’ve been a big hit ever since. People loved the candied apple so much that they started making their own variations; one being the caramel apple.

Making caramel apples are a fun, but collecting the sticks, caramels and toppings can be a challenge. Don’t worry; we have made it easy for you! Pick up our Carmel Box and create the perfect caramel apples.

For just $7 you get:

  • Two 5 oz. bags of Werther’s chewy or soft caramels
  • One bag of Diamond almonds
  • One 30 ct. package of apple sticks
  • One jar Cake Mate sprinkles

Don’t forget to stop in the produce department for apples. We have a great selection at great prices!