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Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day


Are you looking for ways to celebrate this Memorial Day holiday? Memorial Day marks the beginning of the summer which is celebrated with BBQ’s, picnics and spending time with family and friends. Make sure to find time this Memorial Day to remember and honor what the day stands for. Here are some great ideas:

  1. Decorate with Flags: Visit a local cemetery and place flags on gravestones of veterans. Don’t forgot to decorate your home with flags to show appreciation for those who have and are serving in the armed forces.
  2. Participate in the National Moment of Remembrance: At 3 pm on Memorial Day pause for one minute and remember those who have and are serving in the armed forces.
  3. Thank a veteran: Have you family visit family members or friends that have served. Listen to their experiences. If you do not have veterans close you can take a moment to write letters.
  4. Attend a parade: Some towns have parades on Memorial Day. You can find information for events on city websites.

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Reason #7 to use Macey’s Anywhere


Saving you time during the busy holiday season!

Planning for one of the biggest dinners of the year is a lot of work, we get it. We want to help you maximize your time so you can host the most amazing Thanksgiving ever!

Macey’s Anywhere helps you plan your menu as you go, allowing you to add items to your cart as you get time. When you’re ready, select your pickup time and checkout, it’s that easy!
Follow the steps below to help your Thanksgiving planning go smoothly, leaving you one less thing to do.

  • Log into Rosie.
  • Search for your Thanksgiving items; turkey, potatoes, stuffing, etc.
  • Add items to your cart.
  • Select your pick up time.
  • Checkout.
  • Pull into the designated parking stall, we’ll load your groceries.
  • You’re on your way in under 5 minutes.

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Food Storage Club June 2016 Newsletter


Food storage professionals tell us that you should store what you typically eat. And that only makes sense.

While most any food may keep you alive in an emergency, common sense tells you to store things you normally eat to make the ordeal less traumatic. Creating such normalcy in a crisis is vital, the pros say.

Imagine yourself and your family in a crisis situation. We can all picture it. Maybe the power is out for several days . . . or longer. Maybe the roads have been closed, due to flooding or another natural disaster. Maybe you’ve been snowed in or stranded because of extreme weather. In any case, you can’t get to the grocery store, so you must depend on what you have on hand.

If you’ve stored things you and your family like to eat, that part of your otherwise traumatic experience will seem more normal, more comforting. Nothing is as reassuring as a full tummy. It can instill feelings of security and well-being when all else around you is in chaos and challenging, as is the case in every emergency. This comforting feeling is further heightened if what you’re eating are your favorites, the things you typically prefer to eat.

So, Macey’s and Augason Farms want you to take a hard look at your food storage to see if you’ve been true to this vital principle. If you have yet to begin a food storage program, this would be an ideal time and way to start.

Some of the most appreciated things in our daily diet are dairy products. We at Macey’s are well aware of our customers’ preferences. So this month we’re featuring the most popular dairy products in the Augason Farms product line.

Milk, butter and cheese, and are primary components of the American diet. So, they should be well represented in your storage.

For milk, Augason Farms offers Country Fresh, a nonfat dry milk. This is as close as it gets to the real thing because it’s made from whole cow’s milk. It’s an economical alternative to whole milk, high in calcium and fortified with vitamins A and D. Country Fresh is perfect for baking because it helps enhance baked items, giving them that wonderful golden brown look. It also retains moisture, so it improves the structure of baked goods and keeps them fresh longer.

For butter, Augason Farms suggests their amazing Food Storage Butter Powder. It’s appropriate for use in any recipe that calls for butter. Useful, versatile and flavorful, Butter Powder can be used in soups, sauces and candies— virtually any recipe that calls for regular butter. It’s made from real, sweet cream butter. Many cooks prefer it for everyday cooking because it’s dehydrated, allowing it to blend in smoothly and easily, mixing directly into the dry ingredients of any recipe. It doesn’t clump, it’s easier to measure and handle, and it has a much longer shelf life.

For cheese, Augason Farms recommends Cheese Blend Powder. It’s ideal for making the creamiest cheese sauces, fondues and dips, the tastiest salad dressings, casseroles, soups and spreads. Almost any side dish or entrée is enriched with the robust flavor and creamy texture of Cheese Blend Powder. For example, it lends a savory, cheesy flavor to macaroni & cheese, an all-time favorite.

For those of you who are looking for a milk alternative, Augason Farms created two whey-based beverages: Moo’s Regular and Moo’s Chocolate.

Moo’s Regular is as delicious as it is nutritious. It looks and tastes like milk, with calcium and added vitamins comparable to 2% milk. It is perfect for drinking or for use any recipe that calls for milk.  Morning Moo’s also serves as an excellent substitute for light cream, requiring only half the recommended water. And here’s an added bonus: Moo’s Regular is well suited for making those sumptuous and healthful smoothies your family loves. Just blend in your favorite Augason Farms dried or freeze dried fruit.

Moo’s Chocolate may be the most delicious chocolate drink you’ve ever tried. Fortified with Vitamins A and D, most people describe it as richer and thicker than regular chocolate milk. Serve Moo’s Chocolate chilled for an amazing taste treat.

Perhaps the best part is that in June, we’re offering discounts up to 40% on these exceptional products. Don’t miss out on these fabulous savings.

Oh . . . and one more thing. Macey’s features Live Prepared’s National Geographic food pouches and gear for those of you who are planning outdoor activities this summer. Not only are these quick and easy-to-prepare meals good for emergency food storage, they are perfect for outdoor camping and backpacking excursions—anytime and anyplace you might go this summer—because all you do is add hot water to make a sumptuous, nutritious and satisfying meal.

We invite you to look over the Live Prepared offerings in the food storage isle in your favorite Macey’s store, right alongside the great Augason Farms products, because they will feature a 10% price discount this month only.

There are a variety of nourishing and easy-to-fix meals from Live Prepared that require neither refrigeration nor special preparation, making them perfect for outdoor activities. Simply pick the kits that you feel will suffice for your needs.

Live Prepared also offers needful tools for outdoor use: for example, water filtration bottles that can filter up to 100 gallons of water while removing 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, allowing you to use otherwise questionable water sources in the wilds, and no one should be without their fire starter for easily making a campfire to cook and to stay warm out there.

Please remember this: Macey’s, Augason Farms and Live Prepared regularly team up to discount emergency food and survival food items in order to help you save as you stock up on your food storage.

Design a Doughnut

designdonutDo you have an idea for the next great doughnut? Now’s your chance to make your idea a reality. For National Doughnut Day we’re hosting a Design a Doughnut contest for kids 12 and under. The winner will have their doughnut made by our bakery team with the possibility of it being sold in-store. To enter, pick up an entry form from the service booth and return it no later than May 27. The winner will be announced June 3 and receive their doughnut for free.

Don’t forget to stop by on June 3 to celebrate National Doughnut Day with us. We’ll be giving away free doughnuts to the first 200 guests starting at 7:30 a.m.


Kong’s Valentines Day Card Printable


Valentines breakfast is planned. Valentines date night is planned. All you have left to do is get your children’s valentines ready. Make it simple with our printable Kong Valentines Day cards. Click the attachments below to download and attach something yummy. Your kids are sure to have the best and wildest valentines.

Kong_ImBananasForYouValentine9Up copy

Kong_WildValentineDay9Up copy