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Healthy Apple Chips Thinly Sliced Topped with Cinnamon

Apple Chips

Healthy Apple Chips Thinly Sliced Topped with Cinnamon

Be a smart apple and take a break from processed snacks with these delicious, crisp, apple chips. This simple recipe will be the apple of your eye once you take your first bite. Learn how to make your new favorite snack below!


4 apples of your choice



Preheat your oven to 225 degrees.

Slice your apples with a knife or mandolin into thin slices, and discard the seeds.

Use baking sheets and line them with parchment paper to avoid sticking. Spread the apples across both sheets, then top with desired amount of cinnamon.

Bake the apple slices for an hour, then flip them. Bake again for another hour.

Your apple chips are finished! Serve hot or cooled. Be sure to store in an airtight container to maintain crispness.

Thai Peanut Chicken Noodle Dish

Thai Peanut Chicken Zoodle Dish

Thai Peanut Chicken Noodle Dish

Noodles are a comfort food and are so easy to add or have as the main part of your meal, however they are not they healthiest option. Zoodles, noodles made from zucchini, are popping up everywhere. Zoodles are a healthy, but still tasty, alternative to noodles. If you haven’t heard of this new kind of noodle, or you’ve been on the fence about trying it, this Thai Peanut Chicken Zoodle dish is a perfect entryway dish into your new obsession with Zoodles! Not only is it flavorful and healthy but with all the colorful vegetables it also looks pretty too! Zoodles can be made at home with a Spiralizer. Don’t have a Spiralizer? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered pick up some Zoodles from one of our stores.

Thai Peanut Chicken Zoodle Dish


3 boneless skinless chicken breasts, cooked and browned

1 16 oz Zoodles or 2 medium zucchinis, spiralized

1 red cabbage, sliced

¼ cup cilantro, chopped roughly

1 pinch of sesame seeds

Lemon slices to garnish


1/3 cup creamy peanut butter

4 tablespoon water

4 tablespoons soy sauce

½ teaspoon sesame oil

2 teaspoons brown sugar

¼ teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes


In a medium size bowl mix together peanut butter, water, soy sauce, sesame oil, brown sugar and pepper flakes.

Microwave Zoodles for about 2 – 3 minutes until just tender.

In large serving bowl or individualized bowls, place a serving of Zoodles. Next add diced chicken and sliced red cabbage. Spread sauce, cilantro and sesame seeds on top.

Enjoy immediately or refrigerate and reheat!





Bringing Baking Back Food Club Pumpkin Cheesecake Jars

Food Club®Pumpkin Cheesecake Jars

Bringing Baking Back Food Club Pumpkin Cheesecake Jars

Impress your holiday guests with these Food Club® pumpkin spice cheesecake jars.


1 cup Food Club® graham crackers, crumbled

2 tbs. Food Club® butter, melted

1 cup Food Club® heavy whipping cream

4 tbs. Food Club® powdered sugar

8 ounces Food Club® cream cheese, softened

1 can Food Club® pumpkin puree

1 tsp. vanilla

1/2 cup Food Club® granulated sugar

1-1/2 tsp. pumpkin pie spice

4 mason jars


Mix crumbled graham crackers with melted butter.

Mix cream cheese on high until it is smooth. Add pumpkin, vanilla, granulated sugar, and pumpkin pie spice and mix until incorporated.

In a separate bowl, whip heavy whipping cream to soft peaks, add powdered sugar, and continue whipping until stiff peaks are achieved.

Alternate graham cracker, pumpkin filling, and whipping cream layers into mason jars and enjoy!

Bringing Baking Back Food Club Turkey Pot Pies

Food Club®Turkey Pot Pies

Bringing Baking Back Food Club Turkey Pot Pies

Individualize this classic meal with these single-serve Turkey Pot Pies. This also makes a great way to use left over Thanksgiving turkey!  


Food Club® Pie crust 

2 cups turkey, pulled  

1 can Food Club® mixed vegetables, drained 

1 can Food Club® cream of chicken soup 

Food Club® Salt and pepper to taste 


Heat oven to 400 degrees and grease ramekins.

Unroll pie crust and cut into a circle the size of your ramekins. 

Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl. 

Divide mixture into ramekins and top with puff pastry circles. 

Bake for 15-20 minutes until golden brown. 

Thanksgiving Leftover Stuffing and Turkey Muffins

Stuffin’ Muffins

Thanksgiving Leftover Stuffing and Turkey Muffins

Muffin’ compares to this Thanksgiving leftover recipe! Stuff your muffin tins and stomachs full with this stuffing and turkey mixture to keep the Thanksgiving spirit alive. It’s a simple and easy way to make the most of your leftovers, one delicious muffin at a time.


3 cups precooked stuffing

1 cup chopped turkey, ham, or mixture of both

6 large eggs

2 tbsp milk or cream

¼ tsp salt

Freshly cracked pepper


Preheat your oven to 375°.

Add the stuffing and turkey and/or ham into a bowl and stir lightly, being sure to not break up the stuffing too much.

Coat your muffin tin heavily with butter or a non-stick spray as the mixture will stick if not coated liberally. Divide your mixture into the tins loosely to leave room for the egg mixture.

In a separate bowl, whisk together the eggs, milk, salt and pepper. Place the egg mixture into the muffin tins. Don’t overfill as the mixtures will expand while cooking.

Bake your muffins for 25-30 min or until lightly crisp and golden on the top.

Let muffins cool. Loosen the edges with a knife and remove the muffins.

Serve, and enjoy!

Leftover Stuffing and Turkey Waffles with Gravy, Over Easy Egg, and Cranberry Sauce

Stuffing Waffles

Leftover Stuffing and Turkey Waffles with Gravy, Over Easy Egg, and Cranberry Sauce

Leftover season is here, so step up your waffle game with these turkey stuffing waffles, topped with piping hot gravy and an over easy egg. Don’t forget the cranberry sauce as the finishing touch, and relive your Thanksgiving feast, waffle style.

Scroll to the bottom to watch this recipe come to life!


4 cups leftover stuffing mixed with turkey

3 large eggs

Leftover gravy for serving

Optional leftover cranberry sauce


Preheat your waffle iron and be sure to spray with nonstick cooking spray.

In a bowl, stir together your leftover stuffing and turkey mixture with 2 eggs until combined. Dependent on your stuffing consistency, you may need to add milk or broth to moisten before cooking.

Scoop desired stuffing amount into your waffle iron evenly and in a thin layer. Close and cook waffle until it is crisp and golden on the outside, and ensuring the egg is cooked throughout.

Move your cooked waffle onto a plate and then repeat the process.

Add leftover gravy as your delicious topping. Follow with eggs cooked as desired for the final touch (we recommend over easy).

Serve with leftover cranberry sauce for additional tasty flavor.

Deep fried turkey and potato balls

Potato Turkey Bites

Deep fried turkey and potato balls

Leftovers are an important part of the holiday season. With this comes the challenge of keeping your recipes fresh. These potato and turkey bites are the perfect snack that you can make completely from your Thanksgiving leftovers. Not to mention, they are incredibly easy to make.

What you’ll need:

1 1/2 cups leftover mashed potatoes

1/2 cup chopped turkey

1/3 cup shredded cheddar cheese

1 large egg

1 cup breadcrumbs

Veggie oil



Mix mashed potatoes, turkey, cheese, and egg together. Roll mixture into 1/2-inch balls and roll in breadcrumbs. Refrigerate potato and turkey balls for 1 hour.

Heat oil to 350 degrees and fry until beautifully golden brown. Let rest for a few minutes on a paper towel before serving and enjoying.

Bite sized pumpkin pie.

Food Club®Mini Pumpkin Pies

Bite sized pumpkin pie.

All the flavors of Homemade Pumpkin Pie packed into perfect portable fall dessert – Easy Pumpkin Pie Bites.


Food Club® pie crusts (2)  

Food Club® 8 oz. brick softened cream cheese  

Food Club® 1 can pumpkin puree  

Food Club® sugar, 1 Cup  

Food Club® vanilla, 1 tsp  

Food Club® Pumpkin Pie spice, 1 tsp  

Food Club® whipped cream


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Spray mini cupcake pan.

Roll pie crust cut and place in the center of the cupcake pan. Mold dough to fit cupcake tin.  

Mix cream cheese and sugar. Then add pumpkin, vanilla and pumpkin pie spice.  

Place a dollop of mixture into the mini crusts.  

Bake until the edges are golden brown, about 15-20 minutes.  

Allow to cool. Top with whipped cream and serve.

Turkey and Stuffing Eggrolls pictured with cranberry sauce on the side.

Turkey and Stuffing Egg Roll with Cranberry Sauce

Turkey and Stuffing Eggrolls pictured with cranberry sauce on the side.

Thanksgiving leftovers as they are are delicious; however, why not change it up? This Asian-influenced leftover dish is the perfect combination of flavorful, home-style and perfectly crunchy. Not to mention, these leftover renovation is easily made in less than 5 minutes. Can we get a “hooray” for that?

Items you’ll need:

Egg Roll wrappers

Shredded turkey


Cranberry sauce


To assemble:

Place a small amount of turkey and stuffing on top of the egg roll wrapper. Wet the edges of the egg roll wrapper with water or egg wash and roll. Brush the tops of the egg rolls with egg wash.

Heat oven to 350 degrees and bake egg rolls for 10-12 minutes until golden brown and delicious.

Serve piping hot and dip in cranberry sauce for the perfect flavor combination.

Baked Pies with Variety of Pie Crust Designs

Pie Crust Hacks

Baked Pies with Variety of Pie Crust Designs

Who doesn’t love a good hack? Spice up your typical pie crust by using these beginner methods… easy as pie!

Fork Hack

Create a textured pie crust without making an extra trip to the store.  This fork patterned crust makes this hack jump to the top of the list. Alternate pressing the back of the fork to the crust until the whole surface is covered with markings. Once satisfied with your pattern, attach the crust to the top of your pie and watch your artistic skills come to life.

Ribbon Hack

The ribbon method takes a short amount of time, minimal effort, with maximum results.  Simply cut the crust into long slices as you would for a traditional lattice pie.  Take the slices and start placing the crust in a folding back motion, to create the looks of a ribbon. Your pie will be the best present of the day.

Peek-a-Boo Hack

Use any circular cutout you have around to create this peek-a-boo pie crust.  To show off your delicious pie contents, make dot cutouts, one size of differing, in whatever pattern you desire. Make sure to leave room around the edges for enough crust to attach to the pie.  Then, simply place pie crust onto pie and watch the magic happen. Save your leftover dots for another hack below.

Polka-Dot Hack

Tackle another pie crust with the pieces remaining from the peek-a-boo hack. Use the dot cutouts to create a quirky crust of polka-dot heaven. Take the dots, and place atop your pie to create this unique look. Trusty, crusty, delicious dotted pie.

Watch these pie hacks come to life!