Item Limits

To help as many guests as possible, we are limiting the purchase of most products in the store to a limit of 2 per household. For a full list of limited items, see below.

Meat Department
Ground BeefStore Direction
PorkStore Direction
Beef Steaks & RoastsStore Direction
PoultryStore Direction
Meat Deli
BaconStore Direction
Cheese Store Direction
Lunch MeatStore Direction
All other productsNo Limit Restriction
Produce Department
PotatoesStore Direction
All other itemsNo Limit Restriction
ButterStore Direction
EggsStore Direction
Eggs 5 dozenStore Direction
MilkStore Direction
YogurtNo Limit Restriction
All other productsNo Limit Restriction
Non Food Items
Alcohol or PeroxideStore Direction
Baby DiapersStore Direction
Baby Wipes CombinedStore Direction
BleachStore Direction
Disinfecting Sprays or Wipes1 item combined
Feminine HygieneStore Direction
Hand SoapStore Direction
Laundry DetergentNo Limit Restrictions
Paper TowelsStore Direction
All other productsNo Limit Restrictions
Cough and ColdStore Direction
Boxed DinnersNo Limit Restrictions
Frozen BreakfastNo Limit Restrictions
Frozen PizzaNo Limit Restrictions
VegetablesNo Limit Restrictions
All other productsNo Limit Restrictions
Baby Food No limit restrictions
Baby FormulaStore Direction
BeerNo limit restrictions
BreadNo limit restrictions
CandyNo limit restrictions
Canned MeatNo limit restrictions
Canned SoupNo limit restrictions
Canned VegetablesNo limit restrictions
CerealNo limit restrictions
ChipsNo limit restrictions
Cookies or CrackersNo limit restrictions
Dried BeansNo limit restrictions
Easter CandyNo limit restrictions
Flour or SugarStore Direction
Nut ButtersStore Direction
PastaStore Direction
Pasta SauceStore Direction
Powdered MilkStore Direction
RamenNo Limit Restrictions
RiceStore Direction
Soda PopNo limit restrictions
Water MultipacksStore Direction
YeastStore Direction
All other productsNo Limit Restrictions