Fresh cantaloupe

Fresh Produce Hacks

Fresh cantaloupe

Keeping produce as fresh as the day you got it proves to be a challenging task. Follow these 10 hacks to keep your produce the best and as fresh as it can be.

1- Freeze your produce
It’s important to keep only the produce you can consume during the week out or in the fridge. The rest can go in the freezer to enjoy later. With most fruits and veggies, it’s as simple as cutting and placing in freezer bags; however, for the fruits and veggies that require peeling (i.e. a banana) be sure to peel and cut so that it’s ready for a smoothie or stir fry.

2- Use vinegar
Vinegar is berries best friend. Use a couple of drops on your berries to make them last much longer than normal.

3- Store apples and onions together
Apples and onions that are stored together help both of them not sprout. This makes each of them edible for much longer.

4- Store onions in tights or panty hose
Keep your onions in cool, dry, and airy places, like panty hose, to keep them good for up to 8 months.

5- Put celery in water
Store celery in water, covered, and in the fridge to assure freshness and lock in the crunch.

6- Cover herbs in plastic
Herbs are similar to flower in the way that if you cover them with plastic and seal it, they will stay fresh for longer.

7- Wrap bottom of asparagus with wet paper towel
Keep your asparagus hydrated by wrapping a wet paper towel around the base and storing in room temperature. This doubles as a lovely kitchen decoration.

8- Store tomatoes based on ripeness
If you have perfectly ripe tomatoes that are ready to slice and eat, keep them on the counter. If you’re waiting for them to be a little bit more ripe, store them in the fridge.

9- Wrap top of bananas with plastic wrap
Keep bananas from going brown by wrapping the top of them in plastic wrap.

10- Refrigerate apples
Keep apples in an airy and cold environment to keep them crisp for longer.