Compost Bin Tips

Keep your fruit and veggie peels or leftovers out of landfills and reuse them to make rich soil for your garden with a compost bin. They are a great way to reduce waste and save you from purchasing chemical fertilizers. Follow these tips for a worthwhile compost bin.

  • Insulation is important for the compost process. Keep your compost in a black plastic bin in a sunny area for the most ideal process.
  • Feed your compost bin a healthy amount of grass, food leftovers, wood chips, and shredded newspaper to keep the nitrogen and carbon levels up.
  • If you would like to deposit animal products into your compost bin, make sure it is animal proof.
  • To boost your compost bin’s efficiency, add coffee grounds.
  • Be sure to shred or chop any deposits into your compost bin into small pieces. This will speed up the process.