Grilled meats and vegetables

Grilling Tips

Grilled meats and vegetables

The hot days of summer are just around the corner, which means the grill is also getting fired up. Follow these 5 grilling tips to make the meats, fruits and veggies the best you have ever made.

Get the Grill HOT
Preheating your grill for 10-15 minutes before cooking is key to getting those instagramable grill marks. It also makes it much easier to clean your grill before each use as it loosens the leftover bits of food from your last great cook off.

Marinade your Meat
Marinading or perfectly seasoning your meat and veggies is the easiest way to be the best cook in town. No matter how perfectly your steak is cooked, without seasoning or a marinade, it’s not going to taste as good as it can. Our favorite ingredient for meat and veggies will always be garlic. Whether it’s powdered or fresh, it keeps things perfectly salty and spicy.

Keep the Lid Down
Preventing flare ups and maintaining an even temperature is the age-old secret to keeping a even cook on your grilled goods. Too many flare ups can result in burnt and blistered food. If the flare ups seem out of control, move the food to an indirect heat area until the flames die down.

Don’t Stab
When cooking anything on the grill, use tongs or spatulas. Avoid stabbing with forks or large prongs at all costs. You will lose lots of the great juices that are keeping your meats, veggies, and fruits moist and delicious.

Let it Rest
Did you know meats can rise in internal temperature over 5 degrees when left to rest properly? Don’t lose all of the juices by serving up too early. A rest of 5-10 minutes will automatically make your meats juicier and more flavorful.