Breakfast in bed tray featuring pancake skewers and bacon shaped like hearts.

I Love You a Brunch!

Breakfast in bed tray with bacon and pancake skewers.

‘Tis the season to show your spouse, bae or children just how much you love them. What better way to do this than with breakfast in bed. Wake up a little early and surprise your loved ones with the best meal in the best cozy setting. Below, you will find some delicious and simple recipes to make your breakfast in bed tray a success.

Pancake Skewers
Everyone loves pancakes, it’s a simple fact of life. Make them easy to eat and pair them with your favorite fruit in these adorable skewers.




Mini pancakes (we recommend the frozen ones to save time)

Favorite pancake toppings

Simply heat your mini pancakes and stack the pancakes and fruit in any order. Once stacked to your liking, top with syrup, powdered sugar and anything else to compliment your skewers.

Bacon Hearts
Tell someone you love them with the world’s finest meat in the shape of love! To create these, cut your bacon strip into 2 pieces, fold them over long-ways and connect in the shape of a heart. You can fry or bake these. For more detailed instructions, click the link above.

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice
With citrus being in season, take the time to freshly squeeze your favorite kind of orange juice. It will compliment your breakfast in bed perfectly.