Food Club®Witch Hat Cookies

Chocolate cookies with melted purple chocolate and chocolate morsels on top to make the cookie look like witch hats.

Brew up these tasty Food Club®  witch hat inspired cookies.


1 Food Club® chocolate cookie dough roll 

1 bag chocolate morsels  

1 tub Food Club® vanilla frosting 

Orange and purple sprinkles 

Purple food coloring 

Green food coloring 


Bake 12 cookies as specified on the cookie dough package instructions.  

While waiting for the cookies to bake, mix half of the frosting with the purple food coloring and the other half with the green food coloring. Load both frosting colors into a piping bag with a 1-inch tip (hint: you can use a plastic baggie if you do not have a piping bag).  

After the cookies have cooled completely, pipe a half-inch of purple or green frosting onto the center of the cookies and top with a triangular chocolate morsel and sprinkles.