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Last Winter Was Crazy!

Do you remember last January’s bomb cyclone? Or, the four nor’easters that happened in March? It was a very rough winter! This means of course, that there’s been a lot of talk—okay, debate—about the cause of our exceedingly harsh winters and the fact that blizzards in the U.S. have increased by almost 400% since the 1950s.  But, we don’t need to go there because what’s really important is that we’re prepared…no matter what.

10 Easy Ways to Prepare for Winter:

  1. Tell your family where to go. You know what we mean, make a plan and communicate the plan. If Google Maps, acronyms, and emoji’s (and hand-written instructions) will help get all generations on the same page, throw them all in.
  2. Stock up on emergency food and water. Hunger is awful, thirst is worse. Prevent these miseries by getting a case or two of Augason Farms new 50-Year Ultra Purified Water and a 72-Hour Emergency Food Supply for each person in your family. BTW: October is the time for conference and case lot sales so it’s a perfect time to stock up.
  3. Winter-proof your home. The best way is to weather-strip all of your windows and doors. This keeps out cold drafts and, as a bonus, spiders.
  4. Stock-up on blankets and sleeping bags. Sleeping in the cold is just miserable and can be downright dangerous. The blankets on your bed will be great, but more is better when the furnace goes out.
  5. Have an alternate heat source. Ditto, above. Plus, of course, food storage tastes best when it’s heated. Propane, wood, and fire starter should be ready to go. Also, you’ve heard the drill about propane, but we thought it never hurts to throw out a reminder: please, make sure the room is well ventilated.
  6. Bring in your pets. If it’s too cold for you, it’s probably too cold for them. Keep your furry friends close and warm.
  7. Winterize the car. Toss in a pair of gloves and boots, a blanket, and a shovel. And if you really want a comfortable, stuck-in-your-car-for-hours experience, be sure to include plenty of water and snacks. (Not sure how to help you on the porta potty front, although…if you have a 72-hour kit in your trunk, you also have a pail with a lid…so, there you go!)
  8. Gear up for snow removal. Tighten the screws on your shovel, fuel-up the snow blower, and stock up on rock salt. You may also want to start a routine of stretching and strength exercises to help prevent back injuries (that tend to hang on forever).
  9. Download weather and emergency apps. ­There are several free apps out there, and they take just a minute to download and to fill in your location and contact information. It’s a good project for kids, they can probably do it with their eyes closed.
  10. Connect with the outside world. Have a battery, solar, or crank radio handy so you can stay up to speed on storm warnings, reports from the NOAA, and local news reports. It will also fill awkward silences after the cell phone batteries have died.


Friday, December 21, 2018 is the first day of winter. We suggest you get on this prep thing because you don’t want to get left out in the cold.  Just sayin’.




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