5- Lee’s Marketplace Pharmacy Lifehacks You May Not Know About

We’ve all done it. We have put off getting necessary things done to be healthy for the sake of money and time. Sometimes, the procrastination is to stave off entertaining your kids in a waiting room, and the thought of that can be daunting.

What if there was another option for some of those overwhelming tasks on your to-do list? How would you feel about taking care of your family’s health while saving time and money by utilizing the pharmacy services at Lee’s Marketplace?

Of course, you would be ecstatic! Well, here are 5 lifehacks that you may not have known were available at your Lee’s Pharmacy!


There are currently three different tests available at Lee’s Pharmacy currently, and they are all $30.

Probably the best lifehack is the strep testing. This is available for everyone over 4 years old, and if you test positive, the pharmacy can dispense an antibiotic right there. Done! This means that while you are grocery shopping you can save time and stress while multi-tasking and getting your strep test done. No need to make an appointment or sit for hours in a waiting room. You can come in when it’s convenient for you and all for a cost that is cheaper than an average co-pay.

How do you know if your cholesterol or diabetes medicine or all of that extra exercise you’re doing is helping to lower your cholesterol and blood glucose levels?

Lee’s Pharmacy can do a full panel Cholesterol Test that breaks down total cholesterol and HDL ratio, LDL, and triglycerides levels in order to give you the best information about your health. Also, Diabetic patients can get an A1C test done at the pharmacy, all while grocery shopping.

2- Vaccines:

Trying to get kids to go to the doctor’s office, especially while they are at the age of vaccines and shots can be stressful. It can mean wrangling them into a waiting room, trying to keep them calm, and finding time to schedule an appointment in the first place.

If you have kindergarten registration coming up, keep in mind that all of the vaccines can be done at Lee’s where your kids are already comfortable. Anyone over 3 years old can get vaccines at Lee’s and the pharmacists have access to be able to see which vaccines you need, which ones need a boost, and which are fine.

3- Lee’s Pharmacy offers a free MTM (Medication Therapy Management).


You can set up a review time with your pharmacy and can go over the medications that you have. Although the doctor’s office can help manage these, sometimes there are issues the pharmacist is in a unique position to see. In the review, if the pharmacist sees any issues with your prescriptions, they will work directly with your doctor to solve and work through the problem.

4- Blister Medication Packs:

When trying to remember if you have taken all of your medications, or simply trying to remember if you took your morning dose, pharmacy blister packs are a helpful life hack. For only $1 a pack, the pharmacy can divvy up all of your medication doses for you. You can have the pharmacy add vitamins into your blister pack to take one more thing off your mind. However, remember that the pharmacy legally can only fill blister packs with medications filled at the Lee’s Pharmacy.

5- The last, and possibly most important lifehack for pharmacy is delivery and curbside pick up.

When life gets busy, and especially when you aren’t feeling good, you can opt for your medication to be delivered to you. Currently, Lee’s pharmacy is offering free medication delivery within a 15-mile radius. Just call in and opt for curbside or delivery on your next prescription.

Ask your pharmacist for more information about which of these lifehacks will work for you!

Extra #leeslifehack:

Talk to your pharmacist about Med-Sync. This is a free service that is set up within the pharmacies system that allows you to pick a day for all of your prescriptions to be filled. This means that you only have to stop by once for all of them! It’s like synchronized swimming, but for your meds.