Lee’s Lifehack: Weddings at Lee’s

5 Reasons Lee’s is your one-stop wedding shop!

It’s the biggest, most important day of your life, or at least that’s what the stories say. You are getting married! And you are ecstatic and constantly shifting your ring so it hits the light just right.


Yes, it’s an exciting place to be in. Your entire future ahead of you, big decisions to make, and the biggest party you will ever host, still needing to be planned. Now, don’t get overwhelmed.


Picking vendors, designers, and others can seem to be a huge undertaking. And by all means, once you have them picked, you still have to coordinate details before you order. And once that is done, you have to coordinate pick up or delivery, and more.


Yes, it still sounds like a massive hassle to tackle when all you want to do is wallow in excitement and daydreams. Well, lucky for you, Lee’s Marketplace has a lot of experience taking on the planning details for big days. This means you can turn it over to the professionals, and relax and enjoy the ride.


Now, when you think of Lee’s you think of good food, groceries, well… a grocery store. What you may not realize, is that there are a few secrets Lee’s is dying to share about weddings.


1- Lee’s Corner Floral Shop: Something you may not have noticed about Lee’s floral department, is that they run exactly like a floral shop. Essentially that is what they are, a fully-functioning floral shop located within a grocery store. Which also means, that pricing can be more competitive, because it doesn’t have to lease its own building. So your dollar goes further at Lee’s.


Lee’s hires on florists with plenty of event and designer experience. On top of that, Lee’s trains all floral clerks thoroughly giving them the experience they need to have that professional touch in any event order. As a company, Lee’s Floral does hundreds of weddings a year. These orders can be small & simple with just a bouquet and boutonniere, to large centerpiece and archway orders.


All of the flowers are purchased through the same vendors and brokers that other floral shops use. These flowers come from growers across the globe: Columbia, Holland, Hawaii, California and more.


2-Cake Decorators: Lee’s Scratch Bakery has amazing cake decorators. These decorators have years of experience on their side, making meticulously gorgeous wedding cakes. They get a lot of experience on all of the trends each year. There are some weeks where they are designing multiple wedding cakes with completely different styles.


The great thing about these decorators is that they understand that how the cake tastes are sometimes more important than even how it looks. Who wants the most beautiful cake in the world if cardboard and sponge get shoved into your face at the end of the night? No, one!


That means that these decorators have become skilled at using buttercream frosting instead or pairing it with the fondant for a flavorful cake. Now, all of this is on top of Lee’s amazing cakes. Lee’s cakes are moist and chock full of wonderful flavors. So you will get a tasty cake, that looks gorgeous, and a price you won’t choke on!


3-Catering: Okay, now to the subject we all really care about, it’s near and dear to each of us. Food. Okay, but really, trying to find the food that both the bride and groom can agree on, as well as the entire wedding party can be a touchy subject. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could customize a dinner selection and build it from the entree up?


Good thing you can. Lee’s Deli offers a large variety of catering options, and many more unique offerings available. These are paired with made-from-scratch bread from the bakery department and make an amazing assortment. You can get anything catered.


From party trays to assorted veggies and fruits. There are dinner options such as lasagna, prime rib, chicken, and more. You can do a nice simple sandwich available in a party sub, or a sandwich tray. Bottom line is, Lee’s Deli, has you covered.


4-Desserts, Popcorn Bars and More: Okay, treats, snacks, and stuff you can nibble on will be lifesavers at your wedding. Hiding a bag of popcorn behind your dress is much easier than hiding an entire sandwich, and at some weddings, that’s all you will have time for.


If you want desserts that taste amazing and are made from scratch in-store every day, Lee’s bakery has it. A popcorn bar is a cute and trendy and a light way to feed all of your amazing friends and family. There are quite a few delectable flavors for you, sweet, savory and salty.


#Leeslifehack: Depending on your colors, you can even tailor the popcorn to match your decor.


Try a donut bar if you want to really impress your guests.  What can smooth over any stress or drama better than savory, melt in your mouth, made from scratch donuts? And sometimes, it is actually to reward yourself, your bridesmaids, groomsmen and parents with a delicious ‘thank you!’ at the end of the night.


5- Completely Customizable: Here is the great thing about having Lee’s be your one-stop shop for everything, is that all of what you order will be made fresh in the store. This also means that you can include specific preferences, requests, etc.


You aren’t trapped by a package order and barred with ‘that’s not included in this package’. If you have 16 groomsmen and 3 bridesmaids, done! If you really want your deserts decorated with gold and to sparkle, done!


Your wedding can be as unique as you, and your love story. Bring your personality, favorites, and perspective to your wedding. Make it a day to remember!


#LeesLifehack: Schedule a free consultation in advance to ensure a designer is ready and prepped to meet you, the cake is ready for tasting, and a list of seasonal catering options are ready for your choosing.


Bring in your Pinterest pictures (we know you have them) and those color samples (yep, we know you have those too). It helps as well if you have quantities you are expecting and totals ready. This will make the quote you get at the end of your consult as accurate as possible!