Macey’s Spotlight March: Jorge Elgueta

Jorge Elgueta has served guests in the meat department at Macey’s Plesant Grove for almost 14 years. He’ll celebrate the milestone next month and looks forward to many more years of helping guests get great meat products. Jorge is currently the meat manager, but has worked almost every job in the department since starting out as a meat cutter.

“I like my job. I enjoy everything I do here,” Jorge said.

Helping guests get exactly what they need is one of Jorge’s favorite parts of his job. He’s a great example of Happy Shopping because he is continually smiling and happy to help everyone he comes across. Need help picking the best meat for dinner? Ask Jorge! He’s always very informative about the best selection of product and loves to help guests.

Serving shoppers goes beyond just providing great product. For Jorge, it means making sure there is enough of the type of meat and cuts guests want, even if he has to come back in after his shift. He recalls one night where the store was really busy and a guest wanted a certain cut. They didn’t have any left and Jorge had already left for the night. Someone called him and he came back to the store to cut the meat for the shopper.

“Jorge is an amazing team member because he goes above and beyond for not just the guests, but also the team. He’s always willing to teach and manage the business side of things,” said Amber Condie, assistant store director at Macey’s Pleasant Grove. “He’s always making sure we have everything our guests need.”