Better-for-You March Gladness

March is upon us and for sports fans that means a full-court press of basketball bliss. Unlike other sports celebrations, March basketball viewing is a month-long event and your busy schedule may make it impossible to go all out on the food festivities every day. You want quick and easy food, but you also want to be healthy. With that in mind, here are some simple solutions so you can spend less time in the kitchen and be healthier; giving you more time to cheer on your team.

Halfcourt Hummus: Healthy dips don’t need to be tasteless. A delicious hummus from our deli with some pita bread makes a wonderful, healthier alternative to chips and dip. For variety, try our natural and organic Full Circle chips.

Dunking Practice (Shrimp Style): You don’t want to lose your awesome dunking skills while watching the game. So, you can practice while sitting on the couch. Buy a container of 40 Knots Cocktail Shrimp. Open up the container of cocktail sauce, grab a shrimp, wait for the whistle…now dunk! Repeat until you have honed your dunking skills.

Swish Shot Sushi (or Salad): We could tell you how to roll your own sushi for the game, or you could go to our store and simply buy fresh-made sushi or ready-to-eat salads and be game-ready in minutes!

Foodcrafting Veggie Dip: This recommendation is for the first-time foodcrafters in all of us. All you’ll need is a pie tin, veggie dip, baby carrots and sliced cucumbers. Put a thick layer of veggie dip at the bottom of the tin to hold the veggies. Layout the sliced cucumbers in the design of basketball seams, then fill in between the lines with baby carrots. You now have a tasty craft that will impress all your basketball buddies.