Food Storage Club July 2016 Newsletter

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READY TIP:  Food Storage with Limitless Versatility

Emergency Readiness:  We all know the virtues of storing food for emergencies. And since everyone is going to have a time in his or her life when stored food will be helpful to one degree or another, it only makes sense to build that storage when the savings are the greatest.

Well, this is one of those times.

Everyday & On-the-Go Meals:  The primary virtue of long term food storage items is their easy-to-prepare feature, making them the preferred items for emergencies where the ability to cook meals may be impossible. To make a delicious entrée, for example, simply add hot water and allow it to simmer.

This feature also makes these meals perfect for outdoor activities and camping trips. It includes breakfasts, entrées, vegetables, fruits, sauces, protein, milk and snacks.

BIG IN-STORE SAVINGS:  Live Prepared and Augason Farms Savings

To enable our valued customers to benefit from these features, Maceys is going two ways this month on food storage by teaming up with Augason Farms and Live Prepared. On one hand, they are offering a special on Live Prepared products, and the other, a separate special on Augason Farms products.

Check out this month’s in-store specials:

Live Prepared Savings

For those who prefer their food storage in convenient pouches and an easy-to-prepare method that takes all the work and hassle out of meal preparation, we suggest our sumptuous line of Live Prepared products.

With the purchase of $50 worth of any of your preferred Live Prepared Products, we offer this free Live Prepared backpack that can be used for “bugout” emergencies or for camping and hiking. You can get one for each family member. Fill it with needful food and other supplies to see you through a temporary evacuation, away from your home or for fun in the out-of-doors. You just “grab it and go.”

In addition, Live Prepared offers useful emergency and camping tools, items for shelter, water storage and treatment implements, first aid articles and energy items for heating and cooking. All these hard goods are thoughtfully provided for you by Live Prepared.

Delicious Live Prepared Meals Now Available at Maceys: Pasta Marinara with Beef | Cheesy Broccoli & Rice | Stroganoff with Pasta & Beef | Pasta Alfredo with Chicken

Augason Farms Savings

This month, we’re highlighting fruit products, which as you know, provide essential nutrients in an emergency situation. Also when it comes to versatility, freeze-dried fruits double as a delicious everyday snack and a fabulous addition to granola for the perfect trail mix. Augason Farms offers a great deal for the fruit products from Maceys (strawberries, bananas, blueberries, apples, raspberries or pineapple). Buy any of the two fruit products, mixing and matching as you prefer, and we’ll toss in a free can of Granola!

Delicious Fruits Now Available at Maceys: Strawberries | Bananas | Blueberries | Apples |  Raspberries | Pineapple