Food Storage Club Newsletter- April 2016


Once again, it’s LDS General Conference time this month. In honor of this biannual event, Macey’s always features month-long specials in food storage products from Augason Farms.

For those who are church members and everyone else interested in storing food for emergencies, Macey’s reminds you that Augason Farms is the first name in food storage along the Wasatch Front. Their slogan is “Preparedness Made Simple.”

With over 40 years in the food storage business and boasting a product shelf life of up to 30 years in some products, Augason Farms is the preferred resource for food storage among locals. For that reason, we at Macey’s feature their products, in keeping with our commitment to our customers to offer only the very best products available anywhere.

We also recognize that perhaps the most difficult part about assembling food storage is just getting started. In a busy world with many distractions, storing food seems to get pushed down on the list of priorities. It seems redundant, and it appears time consuming, as well as competing for room in limited living space.

But when we turn our vision outward to the unstable and unpredictable world around us, we find that the virtues of long-term food storage greatly outweigh the drawbacks. Bottom line: No one likes to think of going hungry for very long. In an uncertain world where the future is quite unpredictable, the wisdom of having food storage on hand, in the home, far outweighs any other consideration.

In an effort to help you get started with your food storage program, Augason Farms has packaged their products in a variety of ways, each tailored to fit the preferences of the individual. You can approach your food storage plans with either the “do-it-yourself” mindset, or you can look to the “ready-to-eat” approach of pre-assembled packages.

If you prefer the do-it-yourself approach, Augason Farms offers staples like wheat, honey and rice. From the basics and other preferred ingredients, one can prepare a variety of healthy, nutritious and satisfying meals.

If you prefer the ready-to-eat approach, Augason Farms offers collections of entrées, side dishes of vegetables or fruits, desserts and drinks that require little preparation. These, too, offer hearty, wholesome and filling meals.

You can select and store the basic ingredients so you can prepare meals your way, or you can choose from a wide variety of thoughtfully and expertly organized kits that pre-plan a variety of meals over a long period of time.

So no matter your preferred approach to meal preparation, Augason Farms has exactly what you need. They leave it entirely up to you.

But their intuitive planning doesn’t end there. Augason Farms packages their food storage in a variety of ways designed to suit the preferences of anyone. You can find most of what you like in the large and economical number 10 cans or in everyday-sized (quart) cans or in pouches, all packaged and prepared to store for up to 30 years. Again, you decide which method you prefer.

Our point is, Macey’s chose to offer Augason Farms products to their customers because we value convenience and customer preference in all our offerings.

Wouldn’t now be an excellent time to begin your food storage program? Macey’s and Augason Farms make starting out easy and inexpensive.