Jello Aquarium

If you’re looking for a fun sweet treat for the kids, try making some adorable jello aquariums. The best part of this project is using your imagination — with so many fun additions to make your aquarium a hit. Some of the cutest things include a whipped topping wave, with “floating” Teddy Grahams using a gummy Life Saver float.


Making your favorite jello aquarium is easy, but it does take patience. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 box blue Jell-O (or, Knox gelatin with blue food coloring and juice for flavoring)
  • Swedish Fish
  • Other candies for sea life (use your imagination, Nerds for rocks, Rips for seaweed, gummy Sharks, etc.)
  • Clear cups or aquarium container (Clear bowl, etc.)


  • Mix gelatin mix (either Jell-O or Knox). It is suggested to make one batch to keep the color of gelatin consistent.
  • Follow the quick set or cool set instructions on the gelatin. Note: warm gelatin mix may melt candies.
  • Fill container, then drop in candies (For best results, plan to layer the gelatin, allowing layers to set before adding the next layer.)
  • Add fish and sea life when gelatin has not set completely.

Other Notes:

  • Blue Jell-O may be too dark to see sea life in small clear cups. Knox gelatin might be a better for single-serve options.
  • This is an activity that’s best for older children and for younger children to enjoy completed aquariums.
  • Plan on serving your Jell-O aquariums within a few hours of finishing.


We hope you enjoy serving these fun aquariums to the kiddos this summer.