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Are you interested in learning more about nutrition or just food in general?  Then check out the FREE community and cooking classes that take place at your local Macey’s Little Theater.  Make sure to reserve your spot, these fun filled nights fill up fast!



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Adult Classes – Ages 10&up

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May 2014

  • Tuesday, May 6th @ 7pm: Food & Nutrition: Eating great food is never really a problem, because there are so many wonderful options. The problem is finding great tasting food that is also healthy for us! That’s why the Food Sense Girls are back again this month to teach more tricks and tips for choosing healthy food choices.
  • Wednesday, May 7th @ 7pm: Comfort Food: When I think of comfort food I think of my grandma’s stew and warm rolls, and how many great memories I have made by while eating it. Relda Sandgran is no stranger to creating meals that bring a smile to every face at the table, and she is going to be sharing recipes that will definitely have your family begging for seconds.
  • Thursday, May 8th @ 7pm: Simple Pleasures: Often we feel that we need to have a large meal prepared for dinner each night, but sometimes you don’t need a gourmet meal to please your family. Amy Smith is back to show off her super simple recipes for Crock Pot Lasagna and Honey Popcorn that will leave you relaxed and free to enjoy dinner.
  • Wednesday, May 14th @7pm: Quick Hands: Trying to clean, pick the kids up from school, and working part time leaves little time left for preparing great food. Kevin and Tiffany Olsen are the parents of two young children, and they have chosen a couple great recipes that won’t take more than a moment to prepare.
  • Thursday, May 15th @7pm: Spring Fever: Whether you enjoy backyard BBQ’s or cozy picnics at the park, you want new and interesting recipes to enjoy right? Amy Smith is here to save the day from the typical potato salad and PB&J’s. She will be showing off her Garden Vegetable Quiche and Tomato & Green Olive Salsa.
  • Wednesday, May 21st @7pm: Cache Valley Gluten Free: Spring has finally arrived and it’s time to perk up your Gluten Free cookbook with great new recipes! Don’t miss out on this cooking class that is focused on the tips and tricks that will help your Gluten Free lifestyle more like the lifestyle you knew before.
  • Tuesday, May 27th @7pm: School of Hard Knocks: If you attended the class in April, you will know just what kind of state our economy is. So this class is a continuation of that class that will give you the final tools and tricks you will need to survive the hardships that come with our changing economy.
  • Wednesday, May 28th @7pm: Who’s in your Head?: From birth we have given hundreds of thousands of ideas, perspectives, and judgments—mostly at the hand of our parents, family, close friends, and community. Now it is time to sort through them and determine which are contributing to our own betterment and which ones are holding us back. Come learn from Aaron Preece the sorting, cleaning, and deleting tools that will make those ideas, thoughts and voices in your head-your own.