Slow Cooker Temp/Time Conversion


Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the LOW and HIGH setting on your slow cooker? While it can be based on personal preference, the temperature setting directly correlates to the cooking time of the food. The low setting is 200° F and the high setting is 300° F. It’s safe to cook your raw meat at both of these temperatures, but it works out as follows: 1 hour of cooking time on high equals about 2- 2.5 hours of cooking time on low.  Both of these settings will stabilize at the same temperature but the low temperature will take a little longer to reach the simmering point.  Below is a simple chart to help you convert the cooking time between the two settings.

3 hrs    7 hrs
4 hrs    8 hrs
5 hrs    9 hrs
6 hrs   10 hrs
7 hrs   11 hrs
8 hrs   12 hrs
Slow cooker temperature settings can dramatically change the way your meals taste. The trick is to experiment between using recipes with either the low or high settings to see which one works best for you and which one produces the tastier meal.
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